Operation Radiance second thoughts

so i originally made a post of me liking this event, but gonna be honest… after playing it for the past 2 days im growing tired of constantly losing. i want to state a few things here that i see.

  • some ravager cars are hard to control or slip ALOT on the environment. not to mention they are very fast. i often times find myself smacking into things and getting caught on stuff in the environment.
  • ravagers only need to TOUCH another car for them to be infected and sometimes people can just get in your way and purposefully get you infected alongside them.
  • the map feels so tight, closed in and unfair, i feel that it benefits the ravagers more then anything.
  • ravagers spawn way to close and i feel this gives them way to much of an advantage. they can get ahead of you and even when their killed they spawn in really fast.
  • one part requires you to wait a minute before the gate will open and often times we dont make it that far, if we do then 3/4 of the team is already infected. and having to wait 55 seconds to a minute in a small space is a death sentence. its easy to get swarmed there and theres no room to dodge and maneuver around.
  • ravagers respawn FAST and i also feel this is a disadvantage to.

im sure theres more but i feel this game mode benefits ravagers way more then anything. i mean waiting in a small confined space for 30 seconds or later 55 seconds is way to long in a tiny area.
sure the modes challenging, but the thing is… i was running solo because my team mate on the ravagers left, i EASILY managed to infect over half of the enemy team within the second area. i didnt even need to try. im not saying this to gloat or try impressing anyone, im just saying the area was small enough and the spawn point was near enough that i managed to infect 4 people before i got taken out. and i get that they couldve been not paying attention but they were actively shooting at me.
(also for people who use tank tracks in this WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?! … yes ive seen people running tracks :unamused: )
idk… i just feel that this mode is more catered to ravagers. does anyone else think the same?
im kind of tired of losing all the time. ill do the event just to get the free stuff i suppose but eh… idk.
have you guys noticed anything about this mode that i didnt note here?

How bad that team must have been…

exactly what i was thinking :rofl:
even when they disabled my car i slid right into a guy and infected them :man_facepalming:

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“Technically” Are you actually loosing at all? If you are to become a ravager, And the ravagers win. Is it not considered a “win” in the end? And yes, the event is focused on the ravagers. Excuse me if I should sound abstinent about the subject. I am not trying to. I understand your question and the whole event seems Futile with the end results. But some mere scrap and a few other “freebies” for our time invested.


in a way yeah you win. but id like to win at least once on the good guys team. the rewards are kind of… meh… i mean… i cant complain for scrap but you get more from a round of pvp. lowest i got was 7 scrap, highest i got was 42 i believe.

i think its just a waste of time. also we “unlock” new ravager vehicles to use in the mode… but we cant even pick what ones we use!!
i find the whole idea of unlocking event cars just to have them go away after the event to be pointless. yeah their free but having them in a battle pass seems absurd.


wait time 15 and 30 secs

and dame deathzone for ravagee infont of the gate

i find the whole idea of unlocking event cars just to have them go away after the event to be pointless. yeah their free but having them in a battle pass seems absurd.[quote=“Zarrurer, post:5, topic:10113, full:true”]

Agree. It has been the practice of Gaijin for other past events as well. It befuddles me why they do this. After all if you pay for the pass, One should receive the digital content for their personal use as offered you’d think. It isn’t like they haven’t been offered in any new packs in the store. Which would answer that question… One previous event, I did manage to re-create a blueprint that caught my eye. Sure, It is mediocre at the best. But fun and somewhat stylish for easy raids. FYI many times you can find someone that shares a said such blueprint in the exhibition.

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What makes this mode tough for survivors to win is the map. It is longer than Operation Red Light’s map and contains many more hazards.

However, When there’s a will there’s a way. People are adapting to the map and Survivors will escape more often.

I was super excited for it, but have grown bored of it after only a few attempts.

So bored, in fact, that I am doing what I was doing after weeks in the copter event, but only after two days.

I’m gaming it - meaning I’m not really playing it the way they designed it so it’s more interesting.

If I spawn as a ravager, I’m not hitting anyone. I’m just going to let myself get killed repeatedly to help out the other players.

Otherwise, I will generally try to be the last survivor, but once I’m hit, I’m done.

The map sucks.
The ravager cars suck.
The rewards are on par with patrol considering the time length of the matches.

I’d rather play in patrol with super silly builds than play this.

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