*Operation Radiance..wait or die? 🤔

losing all wheels on survivor team,wait or sd and become a rav,tough choice…what would you do?

um. well i would go ravager. unless i had to pee. then I would go do that.


:rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Here have a juice box to help you on the way :beverage_box:


If i told you ive never peed while drinking at the same time id be a liar. I do it at least once a week. Live smarter not faster. =)_)


Yeah, but have you peed, drank, and played at the same time? Now THAT’S multitasking!

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it begs the question though… why do you turn into a ravager when you sd? it made no sense to me because to transform youd have to have the enemies touch you, but instead you can just sd to become a ravager??
mmmmmm sense this does not make!

yes,just sd and you become a rav :crazy_face:
i guess it’s the same as falling into a hole or off the bridge…you can’t respawn so you become a rav…

Well ive brought my controller with me and forgot to mute myself on coms. Grosss.

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:joy: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :poop:

And build on what you already achieved, reward wise