Operation Radience thoughts

honestly… i like it >.>
i think its quite fun. though it is a challenge to catch some cars using ravagers as some go pretty slow. one of the most challenging is hovers unless you get the drop on them.
im a bit mixed on hovers in this mode tbh. because they can go 95 while the fastest car i drove was… i think 90? (actually it is 95 thats the fastest ive driven so far. still a bit hard to catch hovers. the ice and snow make it extremely hard to control your car and i think the ravagers use chain wheels?? correct me if im wrong.)
theres the factors of snow and ice as well as hovers being able to go on all land. but this mode is about team work really. but i do find myself enjoying it.
i do find that people drop mines to combat the enemies and i do want to try this. though i kind of do find this mode a bit tough as the enemies spawn right near you, like super close. i havent made it to the end myself but gonna be honest i been just blazing through it as a ravager. im kinda disappointed that your score depends on your reward, im unsure on how this works but ive been getting 40+ scrap most of the time. lowest i got was 7 scrap as a ravager. i think i had gotten 1 kill the whole round but still… 7 scrap… thats just an insult.
is anyone else enjoying this? what do you all think? fair? unfair? what irritates you about this?

also: oh would you look at that its another timed event, gee, who didnt see that comming!? cause god forbid we get another permanent mode in here to play. >_>

also also: how do the blueprints work? i seen there are blueprints for ravagers but also regular blueprints, are those permanent ones?

t-t-t-triple also: the rewards from the pass seem kinda lame to me… i mean you can get 2 arguments and 2 millers as well as be able to make them yourself but… if i do get the iris infinitely during the event then why wouldnt i just sell them for cash? i suppose i could make more guns but idk. what are your guys thoughts?

If you do not craft them during the event, your ability to make millers will go away at the end of the event. At least on Xbox, millers are high end stuff.

I have upgraded millers from a previous event, so if I was to do the Radiance bp, it would be to craft as many as possible to sell later after the event when the price goes back up.

Most of the events are not new but annually or semi-annually. Plan for these. XO is a long term game if you want variety and not to spend cash. Think long term in your strategies, not short term as in next month.

Many of the one off modes are tests for ideas for other games and/or new games imo.

Ill play it for a day and then lose all desire to que for it. Thats what happens when i try to play almost all the brawls.


Assuming we keep getting daily challenges for it, I’m going to complete those every time I play.
More daily event challenges you do, the more lighters you can get from the main BP.

100% this.

I can’t see myself playing this any more at all.

I played off we go! after the first week because of the reward. I think that is the most I have ever farmed wires if I am honest.

Huh? But the challenges from one battlepass dont count towards the other. Im confused. I just completed all the mini bp challenges and my main bp didnt move up in experience points.

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it would be nice if these bps played off eachother ,and having challenges that reset at different times is just silly

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Wait, they don’t? I just assumed because the icon was the same.

In that case, I doubt I’ll be playing much.

The used the same icon and then in the mission description they mention that the XP is only for this mini BP.

I thought the same as you.

I would have thought about buying it if they worked together.

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In the past, there was a mini BP whose levels did reward you XP that fed the main BP’s leveling (confusing ,right?). I’m more than likely wrong but I think it was the Steel Champ/Big Chase season…
In my opinion, this mini BP is even more ass than the previous 2 we’ve had. Even the premium holders are getting railed; 2/3 of the level rewards are crafting recipes and blueprints that go away after the season is over. What kinda crap is that? I really wish they’d stop with these mini BPs. Like I’ve said before, they’ve all been crap and a waste of time so far.

Those were via level rewards that went to the main bp (they were full levels). I think it was the arena one that did that.


kinda seems like twisted metal did… had stickers mostly and level rewards to the main bp? I’ve slept since then.