Opinions about changes on the test server

Good morning, in this last test server there have been many very notable changes and I would like to give my opinion and assessment.
It is undeniable that the changes regarding the audio visual section are incredible, Crossout is a video game with which you play with creativity and in which epicity and originality are worth a lot. Thanks to the audiovisual changes and some physics, the game looks much more realistic and satisfying. Physics like the shock absorbers and inertia give the feeling that the vehicle really is a beast with its mass and power. This section of the test server is really impressive, it seems to me an incredible job and very well done.
Regarding the changes with the movement pieces and the new controls I would like to give a constructive opinion.
I understand and recognize that the changes to eliminate the sideways builds may be hard for some to swallow, but I think and defend that it is something that sooner or later had to happen. When I started playing Crossout I asked myself: What is that thing that moves sideways and always destroys me? With the passing of time I understood their purpose and accepted the advantages that they entailed. Currently I also build and use some side vehicles, but I must admit that the only purpose of these is to reduce the hitbox of the hovers or use the front mechanical legs as armor. The truth is that no one would do them if these moving parts could be put on the front and back of the veicle. With that said, let’s talk about each movement part in detail.
I am convinced that the changes in these are necessary and perfectly chosen.
Like the wheels, the changes seem more realistic to me.
Mechanical legs:
The changes in terms of physics (inertia, grip and power) seem very good to me. But, I don’t like that wherever the camera is looking the vehicle is looking, it would just make this part weldable to the front and rear of the vehicle.
Augers and Omni:
The changes with respect to the physics are necessary and valid. But I don’t understand nor do I see the need to change the controls of these, the changes in the test server with the Omni and Augers are very inconvenient and unnecessary.
The changes with respect to the physics seem very good to me, realistic and I even appreciate the new differences in stability, they give it complexity, I like it. But, here I insist that I do not like anything that the vehicle constantly looks where the camera looks, I would simply make this movement part weldable with the frame in the front and rear, nothing more would be needed.
There are a couple of statistics that do not convince me, for example the life of the Icarus VII seems very high for such a fast and powerful hover, it would seem more logical if they were more vulnerable.
In general I don’t think they are bad changes, although I think that the Breakers should charge their perk more slowly.
This is all, sorry for so much text, I speak on behalf of many and We felt it necessary to contribute with our opinion.
I hope it is read and understood, tell me your constructive and respectful opinion and do not forget to enjoy this wonderful game and community. Like Crossout, none.


Very nice and respectful write up. I wish other people with your opinion would use their words more wisely like you have.

I to have all of the same concerns as you, but I do realize that something, anything, has to be done about the dominance of hovers and bigrams at high PS (14k+)

These movement parts should not have so many advantages over wheels.

Now, I’m not saying the current change is idle, BUT they have to do something. Every time they try to implement anything to counteract sideways hovers the hover player flock to the internet and cry. Then they never add the change.

We need to add something, then if it sucks they can adjust it once everyone has had time to play with it in the real game. Everyone is scared of change, but sometime once you get used to change you can’t imagine it any other way.

Let’s move forward.


Nonsense hover, bigram and wheels feel already fairely balanced. What differentiate between them is the weapon catagory.
You want to play scorpion, your best choice is hover or bigrams (ml200 are obsolete) to stay far away. Maybe you want to play firebug or breaker ? Then use wheels to get in close combat. The mouvment part gives slight advantages like for exemple the weels give you high top speed possibilities, hover has high mobility over short distances but very fragile and legs has slow top speed but are very sturdy. If you want to play scorp you need to play hover. Why? Well, good positioning let you shot more and take less hit. In this game if you position yourself in a bad spot and/or you don’t move fast enough you either get killed while moving or not participating in the fight resulting in potential 1vs8 situation. The skill in his own can show how good certain weapon and mouvement parts can be performed. In the extend good players can outplay other players with hover only if he keep a certain distance from his oppennent. Note:(That’s why kapcans was very “op” when it was introduced). It’s sound very powerful but unlike other mouvements part they are very fragile. A good players won’t shoot at the weapon or the cabin but first at the hovers. One or two hovers in the rear is enough to make the entire build tilt backward. This is enough to win your duel.
What do you think ?

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