Orbital strikes

More maps should have orbital strikes, who else thinks that would be awsome



honestly i got my first orbital strike out of like 100 tries nd the dmg from it kinda sucks lol

we already have heather

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no its in fallin tower or what ever that map is called ull see it on ur map

i know what it is, it sort of sucks, and it should suck, because not 1 person in the crossout playerbase wants to be the target of heathers or mandrakes, no less an accurate airstrike

I find the orbital strike station a nice addition to the Fortess map Fortress | Crossout Wikia | Fandom.
Just like there are various new additions to other maps.
Like the destructible bridges on Bridge map Bridge | Crossout Wikia | Fandom
The falling tower on Nameless tower map Nameless Tower | Crossout Wikia | Fandom
And the acid pool on Factory map, that turns into ice on winter months Factory | Crossout Wikia | Fandom

I do like the extra variety on those 4 maps apart from other maps, it gives the players more options and choice in their gameplay style on how to combat other players.
And i think most players would welcome more expanded ways to play and win the game.

If you ask me, it would be cool if every map had a special feature, or even multiple features like small capture stations apart from the main capture point(s).
They would be small capture points spread away from the main one(s). and would only take 5-10 seconds to capture.

Here are some ideas for the minor capture points:

-fuel station: wich gives +15 extra booster fuel, +5% extra damage to fire based weapons and +5 extra fuel reward for surviving players if the point stayed captured when the team wins.

-ammo factory: wich gives a +5% damage for the teams projectile based weaponry, and a +1 regen per 10 seconds to ammo based weaponry for the team.

-metal factory: wich gives the team a 5% resistance to all damage on cabins, tracks and walker legs.

-communications relay station: wich gives a +200 all radar range to the controlling team, and -200 to the enemy team.

These are only a few examples, im sure other player can come up with more.
But i doubt Targem games will listen to good advice since they never have since the beta of their game.

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I don’t particularly find it fun. But on the same note, I don’t particularly find it not fun.

It’s meh.

Main purpose for me is to let me know someone is sitting there motionless waiting for the cd.

lol imagine a nuke, the first team to set it off wins that would be the fastest match to the death just to set a nuke off :smiley: :rofl: