Outside of bedlam

how people get out of bedlam map limits?

because of atrocious hitboxes they find holes

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Rubbing against the roof too much and pointing down in a heli with a long tail boom (so no metabricks) can sometimes trap a portion of your hitbox above the barrier, then righting yourself by holding space will push you into it. This might trap you in the barrier itself, preventing you from going up OR down, or it might force you outside the map, where you can fly around. This glitch might not even work at all, so don’t be disappointed. (This has happened to me)

The well-known holes were sealed up by the devs 2 months ago. I’m not aware of any hidden ones. Occcasionally, someone comes across one by accident, but it is not reproducible; it doesn’t work for anyone else after that one time.

I somehow got out of the “Wrath of Khan” and “Founder’s Valley (or whatever it’s called)” maps by using the above method, but I encountered the “I’m stuck in the barrier” issue on the latter (Snit, I think you were there for that one? It was about a month ago)