Pack concept: SWAF RECON

Based on above image with a crossout flare. this pack would be a small light vehicle in the 5k range that contains some buggy wheels, a new spare, two sidekick drones ((under mounted.)), and the following new items.

info: cab
energy: 12
type: light
max weight: 9000
max speed: 115
tier: special

perk: Deployed wheeled drones have 50% more HP and will try to return to their bay once low (SD next to you returning one ammo.) doesn’t work on fuze drones.


type: radar with toggle
cost: 2 energy
rarity: epic.

  1. acts as a radar with 450 transition range, 450 radio range, and 150 behind cover detection.
  2. swaps to jammer mode, while in this mode prevents lock on to all allies within 150m, doesn’t prevent lock on for self. will slowly build up heat. radar function disabled in this mode.

quirk: top must be exposed to air. on all sides but bottom. ((aka can’t armor it, or it doesn’t work.))

note: Limit of one per build.
cost: 2 energy
module HP: 150, must launch side must be exposed.
turret HP: 50+ 50 shield.
explosive damage: 250 (yeah explodes when destroyed.

info: the generator you see on the back, is a type of 2 ammo turret, that when deployed fires out cables to nearby allies. Once the cables attach, allies will gain +400 shield (one time bonus stays even after leave range.) and as long as they remain nearby it will speed up reload by 25%.

linked allies: 4 max. once links are broken can not create new ones.

note: has a yellow flare on it as long as it is alive.
Note2: Genesis can increase ammo, but only one can be active at a time. Deploying a new one will destroy the old one.

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