Pack concept: Terminated

Based on the BMP terminator, Terminated would be a havy cab equipped pack that comes with unique tank tracks, and a powerful 10 energy twin automatic turret.


Hell scream turret

rarity: epic

energy: 10

info: a twin linked turret with 2 30mm auto cannons, and 2 built in crickets. strangely the player doesn’t control the auto cannons directly instead those automatically fire at any missiles, drones, or mines where the player is aiming. and will automatically fire at targets you are aimed at within 50m.

game play: the auto cannon intercepts missiles in a 30 degree cone of you where you are aiming, while you manually aim and fire the missiles. The auto canon also fires automatically at targets in same range as long as they are within 50m

this is set up so you still have to aim for the turret to fire unlike the caucause.

ammo: 12 rockets

main gun damage: 15 per shot, 20 shots before cool down

rocket damage: 75 per rocket 1.5m blast radius.

perk: damage of rockets increased by 2.5% per every interception point gained. upto 20%

Argus x1

Black box

type: radar

rarity: special

info: while this radar only has the detection range of its normal rare counter part it is much smaller at 2x2x3 with connection points at all sides. this internal radar is good for more compact builds.

perk: on part destruction all who damaged the user are shown on map for 30 seconds, detects through cloak. (yes you can use a rift to ping targets across the map for a one off.)

Tank tracks x2 (unique CK)

This will fit Nicely on Hovers :crazy_face:

Isn’t that all weapons though?