PACK conncept: Oasis

reference image source: Walking Crane Color Concept by MikeDoscher on DeviantArt



class: medium
max speed: 75
carry cap: 14,000
energy: 12

Perk: can enter a lockdown mode, while active the whole build heats up and can not move. In this mode a 60m shield is projected around the cab protecting the user and their allies. said shield has 80% the player health value. once broken has a 30 second cool down.

Lockdown mode can be left at any time, shield regenerates the same way as an omnimori.

Legs: Siege legs
Rarity: special

info: a slightly weaker walker leg then the m200 but have a much higher max speed at 70. is concidered the m200s weaker version so has a weaker version of its perk.


Top mount: Repair crane
energy cost: 8
rarity: EPIC
ammo: 400
HP: 250 (pretty low for its large size.)
use: can auto target an allied build similar to a caucs aiming, will repair them for 4 HP per ammo used, at a rapid rate of 120 HP per second so 30 ammo per second. Can only target one build at a time.

Front mount: Plasma claw
energy cost: 3
rarity: special

function: similar to the assemblers tap fire lacks the perk fires at a semi auto rate with a quick recharge.


Been informed the shield is likely to weak on the cab, so would it be better to have a set 4k Shield instead of something that it would be a struggle to get that high?


GJ? what do you mean by that?

So which would be better on wording

cab gives a shield worth “80% of total part HP?” *so the hidden HP value which tends to be around 8k for most average builds.)

or cab gives a shield worth “5K flat shield health”

Wanting to refine that one.

Wonder if I can fix up the wording on this some.