PAck idea: SWAF Recovery

Based on the REM-KL Recovery is a unique vehicle that doesn’t focus combat but instead support.

Equipment included
1x skinner (2 energy cost)
2x corbra (6 energy cost)
1x maxwell (1 energy cost)
1x mobile repair bay (4 energy cost)

CAB: Highpower
base: see image
power: 14
type: heavy

Perk: has a built in 3 energy generator, when health drops bellow 25% reverts to having 11 energy. As such you can not mount a generator on this cab.

note: this means it has one less explosive part.

info: a high powered support module this when activated heats your whole ride but repairs 3 allies in 150m at a set rate of 30 HP per second. This effect doesn’t stack and lasts 10 seconds. repairing and replacing any broken parts.

visual: deploys 3 drones with repair torches similar to other follower drones, these can be destroyed.

note: the drones will move to a different build if their target is fully repaired.

Ammo: 4 (uses drone ammo for balance)
HP: 400
size: freaking huge (that middle thing on the image)
reload: 20 seconds (can be boosted)

score gain: gain 1xrepair score per part repaired/replaced each one gives 10 score in the match.

We do have a repair drone within the game files already, it can be seen on scavenger raids, it goes to the nearest damaged “ally” and then touches it “selfdestructs” and then heals exclusively damage dealt to the cabin without bringing back parts and gives 0.5 seconds of invincibility, almost no one knows about it as basically no one dies raids anymore, it was added over a year ago at this point, the people that told others when this was added just got screamed by others ho “repair bad” without even realizing it only heals the white bar at the bottom of your screen (cabin health) without bringing back any parts…

Those don’t repair though those just make things invincible.

some clarifictation on the repair drones. EAch drone can make 20 “attacks” per its 10 second life span, each “attack” heals 15 HP so a total of 300 HP.

when it comes to part replacement the first “heal” replaces the part with 15 HP at which point the drone will heal that part until it is at full. This means something like an 800 HP part will only be brought to 300 HP and no other parts would be healed if the drone chooses it.

That said the repair drones would focus damaged parts first only replacing parts if they are not there.

in order of focus on the drones.

primary: damaged parts
secondary: lost frames/wheels
3: lost modules and weapons/parts connecting them
4: cosmetics.

keep in mind the drone only has 10 seconds of repair time and a 20 second reload.


They do actually heal, you can see enemys that had their cabin on fire get the fire extinguished after being “hit” by the drone, and on the steel cradle raid, you can see the leviathan’s health going back up after being hit by the drones

oh damn ok then that is nice.

soo apparently people really don’t like the repair module idea.

Might rework the idea to have a different support function maybe shield drone that fly over and provide a temp directional shield or something.

That said any options on the cab?