Pack of Identical Quad Destructor Hovers

F this game.

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I just lost my temper myself, and rage cleaned my inventory.

F2P from here on out. Change my mind.


OK, so you ran into a group of players, all using the exact same build. And…?

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…and devs don’t give a fuck about balancing the game properly so these items remain OP for quite literally years

Join us

Since going f2p I got my 2 Helicons and I recently sold my Pattern: Checkers due to winning one in a competition, I currently have 63k coins to play with and I’ve not needed to spend anything and just win contests.

Another silver lining of f2p is when you get bored of using weapons you can just sell them while all the battlepass players are stuck with dead fused items in their inventory…

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It’s as if they think I’ll eat more schit if they sell me fancier silverware. Sure, they have some damn fine china, but who likes bug tea?

sooooo… what happened?

There really should be a playmode that does not allow groups to enter it
Full on randoms on both teams. For the people not afraid to play solo

Apparently you have never played against such.

Hover Retcher
Hover Destructor
Hover Punisher

Are the most cancerous builds in the game. And when there’s a pack of 3 identical builds, it means they are coordinated as a team.

It means you are not “playing” the game. You are just a play thing to them.


You want a full explanation, here you go.

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