Pack on the ps store?

hey is the new pack for that crossbow and garage up for anyone else?
i wanted to preview it and see the new garage but its been 3 days and it still hasnt appeared on the in game store. not even in the “packs” section in game. did they just forget to add it in?

I’m on PC, and initially it didn’t present itself at the in-game shop. It looked glitched, and then I went to their web-site and it looked glitched too. The site navigation tabs weren’t showing up and there was no way to even find the shop from their web page. I ended up buying the light pack through my Steam account, and that worked fine.
Now it appears that they have fixed that issue and the packs do appear in my in-game store and at their on-line web-page.
Initially I thought it was my browser, so I updated it, but that had no effect. No positive effects anyway. Now there are web sites an can’t even access because of updated Firefox censors and the globalist garbage narrative all fascist mega companies adhere to like some kind of sick religion, but I digress. I’ll fix it later.

Anyway, good luck. I think it’s a bug on their end. I wish they would address the public about it, because this sale apparently has a bit of a bug, doesn’t it?