Pack vehicle useability

This new pack, Tumbleweed, that looks kinda cool but performs and especially handles like absolute poopoo, like seriously I do not think it was even test driven around with by anyone who made it because the turning on this thing does not exist, got me thinking about the pack as a whole. I know they are bought for parts and coins rather than the vehicle itself, but are any of the pack vehicles realistically usable in-game as they are? And if they are, is it pve only and no pvp at all?

Poor handling, bad weapon placement, bad weapons, bad modules for the weapons or no modules at all, and so on seem to be the norm, but does any of them feel like they might have been made to be used as they are in game?

This can also be expanded to faction builds, how many of them are actually usable? How many of these builds, made by the people running this game more or less, are actually usable?


nope. They’re all themed after something from another video game or movie. purely for looks to grab players from other IP’s.

work so-so in PvE. that’s about it.


This is a fair assessment.

Pretty much all pack cars are bad.
They are built for looks.


That’s no excuse, IMO. I’m not gonna let’em off the hook that easy. I think they could do better.

EDIT: The Crossout Day Armored Camper isn’t too bad. It looks good and works fine for PVP, or Patrols, probably.

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if they did, there would be no argument about Pay 2 Win. If the devs released rigs that actually performed, what reason would there be to make our own?


Ya, you definately need to rebuild those packs and make them your own, and that’s probably a good thing.

It seems like the packs can be good stepping off points, but as is, most of the packs get mauled by farm-bots. I think that can discourage sales if they are taken for a test spin…'cause they suck. They don’t have to suck.

But, because the “Armored Camper” build doesn’t suck, people drive it around as is. It’s a cool camper, and was a good item to celebrate Crossout Day with, but if the pack builds don’t suck, you’re right, the wasteland would be littered with clones, probably.

I like the stuff that’s in the Tumbleweed pack, it just seems over-priced. I’ll wait for the sale, as long as that sale is in cash and not Crosscrowns. Otherwise, they’re saving me money, which is fine too.


The thing with clone builds is that you quickly memorize where the tender bits are and strip them easily.

Even if they made a good pack build, we would learn how to deal with it, and it’d be the opposite of whatever meta is within days.

Don’t knowingly ask, almost none of those packs can be used directly, they don’t run out of energy