Paint catalogue, in honor of Chuck216

Hey survivors,

On the old forums, one player by the name of Chuck216, had made a beautiful spreadsheet with every paint currently in the game, catalogued.

I’m making this thread for anyone interested in paints and to save the link from the inevitable removal of the old forums.

The spreadsheet:

The post:

enjoy! :heart_eyes:


Nice…can we have this post pin, please?

You could just bookmark it for yourself.

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Thanks for making sure my spreadsheet stays alive! I’ve been a little busy, but I’ll try to get the most recent paints updated on here soon. :slight_smile:


Update for May 14, 2022: I have added the paints “Far North,” “KITT,” “Orange signal,” and “Vandal.”

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Update for May 23, 2022: I have added the paint “Crust.”

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Thats awesome.

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Love me some paints. I collect mostly paint and decor. Didn’t know there were so many. Nice list. I’m guessing a bunch of these are not tradeable and are obtained from special events and packs? I have all but 2 (bad cop and crash tester) in the guide.

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yes, because Chuck has put this in a really nice spreadsheet you’re able to sort on tradeable/non-tradeable, and a bunch of other variables. And same here, I love collecting rare paints, especially if they are untradeable.


how u have all these paints

I don’t have all of them. Most, but some haven’t been available since I started playing. I just access the others via the exhibition.

Update for June 4, 2022: I have added the paints “Bluish smoke,” “Pecking,” and “Soot.”

Update for July 31, 2022: I have added the paints “Camouflage: Reinforced concrete,” “Camouflage: Swimming pool,” “Circuit board,” “Commotion,” “Forest mimicry,” “Purple pixel,” “Sand mimicry,” “Sharp rocks,” “Sky glitch,” and “Space glitch,” and I have added a placeholder for the paint “Copper patina.” “Copper patina” exists as an option in the exhibition, but I have not yet been able to find any preview image for it.

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Thank you for doing this, and also to the others doing database threads. This is a great example of how good the Crossout community can be!

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Update for December 1, 2022: The paint "Tornado" seems to have been upgraded from common to rare, so I updated that in the spreadsheet. I have added the paints "Arcade," "Blue chrome," "Blue dragon," "Bubble gum," "Burn injury," "Confetti," "Lipstick," "Protective cover," "Red dragon," "The farthest space," and "White dune." I have added placeholders for the paints "Cold palette" and "Sea sunset," which, along with "Copper patina," exist as options in the exhibition, but I have not yet been able to find any preview images for them. I have also added the tag "Metal plating" to a few paints. And I made some minor corrections in the spreadsheet.

I salute you Chuck! for keeping up the spreadsheet and providing useful knowledge to everyone in the wasteland!

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