Pandemic pack

Pandemic pack is in desperate need of an update

hot rod, whirlwind, dun horse, ambulance horn and a few blue tires are not good enough for a 30 money pack, to the point that even at -50% I don’t feel like buying it.

In fact I’d argue it’s the worst of the 30 money packs


This pack should’ve had an ambulance cabin and some sort of fire-based weapon!

Y’all forgot the cool sticker & ultra-rare black paint. :rofl:

I’ve bought quite a few packs… never this one.

Someone w/o a bunch of kids running around their feet do the math on how crappy this one is.

Heavy censorship prevents me from giving my opinion on this topic, if i did i would get banned again for the 500th time

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the moderator is just off screen pointing at you and shaking his head with a very angry expression holding a ban hammer from the wastelands.

no it isnt! seriously look at the detail of that snake! sure its got a few blood splatters here and there but wouldnt you if you floored it like a lunatic through the wastelands as well? :crazy_face:

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Da Math…
roughly at the time I’m typing this…

Plague Paint 56
Ambulance Lights 169
Whirlwind 426
2 Snake Venom Stickers 12
Dump Horse 150
Hot Rod 332
2 Chained Wheels 44
2 Studded Wheels ST 44
Midnight 8
1500 Coins

2741 coins

If bought on sale, it’s $15.
You’d have to spend $25 on CrossCrowns to by that many coins, but you’d have coins left over…

Or, 182 coins per dollar if you just buy the pack.

This is the math I recently did on the Creation Pack…

The Creation pack is on sale on PC for $35 US.

For that, at the time I’m typing this, you get these sellable parts with these current market prices…

3 Synthesis - 387 coins
Quantum - 350 coins
4 Icarus IVs - 2960 coins
Eye - 93 coins
4 Hydraulic Adapter - 38
6 Hydraulic Lines - 24
Headlight -2
Fluorescent Lamp - 2
Inflamed Memory - not available, so I’m listing it as 0
White Sun - 64
4200 coins

That’s a total of 8120 coins, I think…

To get that, you’d have to buy roughly 8k+ in coins.

That’ll set you back 1500+ Cross Crowns.

That’ll set you back $100 US

Or, 231 coins per dollar…

Sooooo… 182 coins per dollar vs 231… so yeah, compared to the creation, it’s a rip off or at least NOT a bargain.