Part ideas

One of these again I don’t feel like digging up whatever 200+ reply old thread is sitting somewhere, let’s once again see how much more creativity we players have compared to the developers

A cabin with a perk where the less parts you have left compared to the start of the battle, the more damage you do. Some kind of a percentage based thing, like X% more damage at X% total parts left. Basically when you’re at midway or to the end of the battle, your build has been reduced to nothing more than frames, movement parts, a few guns and modules, you have a damage boost at least.

A cabin that boosts weapon damage, when you’re left with only 1 weapon on the build. Helpful when in those situations where you were running 4 guns and you’re left a smoldering almost-corpse with only 1 gun, and you feel like your 1 gun does absolutely nothing, helps you get in jut a little bit more damage in that state before you die. Probably needs to exclude all the 11-12 energy weapons kaiju, thyrsus and avalanche to prevent cheese at lower ps.

A cabin that gives you a boost in something based on how many decorative parts you have, but also when you loose a decorative part you loose some of the perk. X% of X stat, caps at X. loosing a decorative part means -X% from the total X% of the perk. So if one part were to equal 5% and it caps at 20%, and you’re running say 6 decoration parts, if you loose 2 of them still no change it’s still at 20%, but if you loose 1 more, meaning you have 3 left (5 + 5 + 5) you only have 15% of the perk boost. Just something to justify bloating the ps with decoration parts I want to drive around with lots of them but I also want to do good enough on non-meta cheese builds that work in every ps and circumstance and setup

Here is a cool legendary revolver idea: Revolver that has a changing damage perk. Based on the type of damage you get hit by, if the revolver has not started reloading yet, the next time the revolver reloads, those 6 shots deal damage of that type. Does not stack so if you’re getting hit by multiple types of guns, say bullet, explosions and fire, it only registers the first type that hit your build rather than switching back and forth all the time.

The base damage type is bullet damage, but say you get hip by impulses as you’re fighting, after emptying your gun fully and it has reloaded, it now shoots bullets that do not explode, but the damage type they deal is explosion damage rather than bullet damage.

If you get hit by fire weapon, it deals damage in fire type damage. If by energy weapons, the damage it dishes out is energy weapon damage.

Could be kind of cool to juggle around with different damage types, say you’re fighting a bastion build, it resists a lot of damage types, but suddenly you get energy damage as the next 6 shots you have, and you deal more damage to it as instead of dealing bullet type damage, you deal energy weapon type damage.

Say you have a photon cabin and this gun, you shoot at a heated enemy with bullet type damage, nothing weird, but as you did, the enemy hit you with it’s energy weapon, and after you reloaded you now deal super damage, because of photon perk and your guns dealing energy damage instead of regular bullet damage

Also a proper legendary nail gun, and an epic parser. Parser is not a legendary nail gun no matter what the devs are smoking

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Ideas for a legendary nailgun, either a double shot nailgun, working just like arguments worked in the special double shot brawl, or a perk where the fully charged shot deals extra damage to movement parts

Rapid fire, ammo using cannons that use the heating/cooling function, and that fire like cyclones (slower pace at first picking up speed the longer you fire)

But because you need coolers etc, they won’t be too high of energy, but neither too high of hp. Think a chihuahua version of an executioner, packs minimal recoil but also in exchange minimal punch, but it’s still a cannon. Takes forever to cool down, but when it is firing it can be surprisingly intimidating

Weak rapid fire fixed angle cannon basically

Relic Whirlwind would be fun.

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I wonder how they would approach that
My guess is they’ll just add heating to the explosion of the round and call it a day, basically a stillwind that also heats up enemy builds

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A cabin with a perk that when activated instantly heats up your guns fully (maximum orange glow) but also boosts damage. The damage percentage goes down slowly just like the heating effect and then the perk needs to reload, and takes quite long to do so, so it can’t be super spammed by across the map ACs

More funny CKs in general

SD modules that cost no energy, 1 of this type of item can be mounted per build.

A small module that automates the SD if all your guns are shot off. The only time I make use of SD in 99% of the times I use it, is when I am already getting my guns chewed off and it’s a last ditch effort to rush the enemy and deal some damage with SD. But, manually arming the SD while rushing towards the enemy usually ends up not being able to steer and the enemy can slip away, or having to steer so the enemy won’t slip away and not managing to hold the button down long enough to activate it

So why not give the option of mounting a part that does it for you once a certain thing happens, like if your build has lost all guns you automatically enter the SD sequence

I always thought a bag of grenades’ might be more fun then SDing, you get 5 tosses each one does 1/5 the dmg a suicide does. If you use them all the remaining build just vaporizes doing no dmg.

A relic AC (whirlwind/stillwind type) with 6 energy would be great fun. No more 5 energy weapons.


Snowfalls are my favorite non crossbow weapon and it disappoints me that the game doesnt really have anything else like them. Avalanche, oddly enough, is the closest thing in that it’s a heavy and durable fixed weapon with a heavy projectile drop but I find it to actually be worse in many ways.

Hailstorm, as I’ve suggested previously, serves as a legendary Snowfall. Like its predecessor, its heavy, durable, has a heavy projectile drop and the damage capabilities to match. Its a 2 shot 6 energy frontal rocket that trades some damage potential for faster reload and charge rates with a more convenient energy cost, designed to be more as a brawling weapon. (Snowfalls can brawl with a full reload setup , but they’re best on hit/run builds. )

Perk: After a certain distance, the rockets split into 4 micro rockets, slightly increasing in velocity. After the vehicle receives 1,000 damage, the weapon deactivates its failsafes. This slightly improves the reload speed while decreasing the distance required for the rocket split. This effect lasts for the duration of the match.

Damage capabilities: Base rocket: 125 damage Micro rockets: 45 damage. Comparing this to dual Snowfalls: 500 v 540. With perk: 720. Compared to triple SFs: 720 v 810. This puts Hailstorms in the middle of dual Snowfalls and triple Snowfalls, as intended. Its also worth noting that Hailstorms’ damage will be more spread out unless they’re close enough to hit with the base rockets, presenting a bit of a tradeoff balance.

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Legendary Varun idea, rapid fire hand cranked crossbow. Hold bottom to crank (charge it up), and then when you release the button it shoots 10 shots 1 by one at a rate of Varuns firing pace. The 10 shots can’t be stopped or paused so it will keeps on shooting no matter where you are aiming rather than being unable to shoot the moment you look slightly downward like on the Varun. If you charge it up halfway or not fully and let go of the button the charge goes down at the same rate it goes up, rather than firing less than 10 arrows.

Each landed shot increases the damage of the next by X %, caps at X, resets if a shot misses.

Or just make Varuns usable already without it being a finger exercise, the same reason you altered all plasma emitters in the first place, that requires near perfect internet connection to play properly rather than having unexplainable pauses in your rate of firing when the ping goes any amounts of oopsie poopsie hee hee