Part is blocked

I am sorry for this question because there is probably an answer somewhere, but I have been playing for a long time and I am wondering. Which parts and when are blocked, because sometimes I can use them and sometimes I can’t.

You have a part limit when you build, maybe you reached it? Remove a part to put another one instead, or increase your Engineer faction levels to increase this part limit

Can you post a screenshot of your problem, if Charlie didn’t solve it? I’m not sure what you mean exactly here.

If you’re trying to sell parts, they can be blocked because they’re used on your levi.

Parts can be blocked in their turn radius. Weapons need to rotate freely. Just because you can mount them on your vehicle doesn’t mean that they can completely rotate in all directions. They may only be able to rotate partially due to other parts preventing them.

Another way parts get blocked is when the devs put out an update. Like recently, the overhaul of the hovers caused many hovers to be blocked. We had to go through and rebuild our vehicles since where half the hovers locations were now blocked after their size was changed.

If a part is equipped to ANY blueprint (even your leviathan), you will not be able to sell it on the market. If paint is used on just ONE part and, then, saved to a blueprint you can’t sell it.

Sometimes, there will be brawls that have a list of items that cannot be used, but that is only for Brawls.