Participation Rewards - new event

Participate in 5 event missions - not win.

I get it, winning can be hard for some.

But I hate when they make these types of challenges because people abuse it.

  1. make team
  2. log into event match
  3. turn around and charge enemy
  4. everyone becomes enemy
  5. match done in like 30 seconds after that
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seems some of the challenges might help deter that , 20 kills will take forever if people just try to speed run the event

I’m already guilty.

After two matches & reading the good guys never win, I actually built a rig with minelayers & copter drones just to fight off the ravegers with no chance of winning myself.

I only played it 3 times, though.

If there’s no chance in winning, why not “game the system?”

Maybe, since humans beating the ravegers is such an unlikely event, they knew not to make it victory based.


True, but the nature of the quests are set up in a way that it encourages many people to not try and win. They just want to do the quest for the reward.

I did that tonight. Just focused on playing builds that would complete the quest and didn’t focus on completing the mission. Finished everything super fast.

Same. Not mad, though. LOL

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How does one “win” an infection game mode? If you’re a survivor, u win by getting to the end. If you’re an infected, you win by infecting all the other survivors.
So, then if you start out as a survivor, you get infected, then all the other survivors get infected. Sure, you failed as a survivor but you won as an infected, did you not?
I say just take the easy challenge reward, it’s very rarely that Targem/Gaijin give them to us.


will it not rotate missions? ugg. well at least i didn’t blindly buy it.

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You win by having the most points at the end… Which hasn’t been hard for me, yet. I don’t think people remember how to score points when playing.

Be first to the checkpoints.

Activate the whatever they are that open the gates

Destroy the turrets.

Live the longest.

That’s why the truck I’m using is designed primarily for speed… Aggressor, cheetah, traction fused arrays, lightweight minimal frames… Get there first, score the points.

I got or tied for MVP almost every time I didn’t spawn as a ravager last night. I’m not that good, I just think people don’t know how to win.

It’s boring, though.


The mode isnt about winning its about scoring higher than everyone else. Because even when you lose to the ravengers you still win. Because now your a ravenger and ravengers won. Everyone won.


Fly my point in the thread I started about it… How do you score the most? Surviving the longest is not the trick.

it might be more beneficial for only half the team to get infected and let the last few get kills and finish , this just happened and in 7th place i still got 48 scrap

that is the most I have gotten out of this mode. but usually its more like 17 or some worthless amount.

i got no kills , only completed the first two tasks and didnt infect anyone , scoring system is a bit odd

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For the amount of time you spend playing, Patrol will actually yield more scrap. LOL


I had yesterday several matches with 50+ scrap, 2 times in a row we survived. And most runs between 4 and 6 minutes. Other thing I noticed that alot ppl quit when they start as ravager. Few times 1 ravager vs 10 survivor.

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Idk how the scoring works. One game i started off as a ravenger. I only infected three people and I got first place.

I def also get more points the more i destroy towers and deactivate generators and the like.


It seems those who spawn as ravagers and actively chasing survivors, get highest ranks even if they just die constantly. Good encouragement to play a ravager role.

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Exactly. You do what you role suggests, and get points.

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If you are a survivor, you get points for doing tasks, not killing ravvies. (or very very little) Biggest reward for completing a task at each stage ie turn off a generator, destroy a tower, kill a ravager at the gate you wait for 30 seconds at…you get the biggest increment of reward for finishing first. Second or third = no finish bonus. This bonus seems to make a 20 scrap difference.

As ravager, get the most infections.

Possible to get at least 73 scrap for 1st as survivor, but I think in all my finishes I missed the very beginning part, turning off generators (only 6 wins so far and several 2nds/3rds as survivor).

Ravager seems to be 3 kills or more = #1 and I got 50 ish scrap. Games like this usually last 1-2 minutes.

Reward actually seems pretty on par with Off we go! if you are top 2-3 due to being able to spam enter faster than the empty normal pvp ques.

forgot to mention i have a sub.