Parts For Crowns

Nobler1500 made a good point about the poor population of the game. I personally have always believed the player driven market has caused power disparities that scare away new players upon seeing the grind required for a good 10k legendary build. The player driven market doesn’t have to go, but I think there should be an alternative.
My idea is to add a flat (reasonably)priced crown store in the Shop for every weapon and part in the game(except maybe relics). This means you can buy any weapon or part for a certain amount of crowns.
The crown weapons and parts will be untradeable and the relics can still be craft only, and exclusive to the player driven market. This will make it so the player driven market will still have a purpose and not go away(so calm down clan elites lol).
I think this will help stop the bleeding of new and casual players. Plus I have a job and don’t feel like grinding all my days off away weeks on end for just one new legendary build. I’d rather just buy it with my hard earned money.
What do you guys think?


You think you need legendries for a good 10k build? With how MM works the main power disparity is between fused and unfused parts. Equipping a full set of legendries means you are suddenly pitted against relics and typically players with a lot more experience and fused meta legendary builds.

No I don’t need legendaries. The Whirlwind is still my go to weapon for half my builds. I just dont want the game to die, because newcomers are scared away by a steep grind wall, and inflated player driven market.
A few months or so ago one of my Xbox party friends was turned on to Crossout, by my activities in it, so I tried to teach him the ropes. It wasnt long before he stopped playing and hasnt played since.
The devs need to do something different to save and boost the game. I think a Crown weapon market might help alot.