Passive melee rebalance

I’m surprised none cares. Or maybe they don’t understand?? I’m not sure I do but lets think about it.
I’ll spare you big texts, but in short bumpers are like trash now and no longer do what they supposed to. All bumpers except the heaviest ones are like glass and barely suitable to ram turrets, they lost efficiency but gained in PS. And they even added separate active melee resistance to nerf them even more, its like they want to proclaim melee season and meta migrations, so clumsy and crude attempt to once again nerf a simple wheel builds.

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Bumpers for defense, passive melee for damage.

Look on the brightside, the air splitter, teribull bar and bull bar bumpers all got buffed.

When you chisel a block of marble down, it takes time for the statue to emerge. Maybe these changes will prove better in time. Im guessing you just had a build that was impregnable to melee suddenly get wrecked by melee.

Its XO, youre gonna have to rebuild something at some point. That day is today. G’luck with that!


They work well for me and I only use a tiny one on the front of my build… I hit 300 damage on some poor schmuck earlier when they were just a warm cabin

The bumper I use has 69 (nice) durability

The changes feel great to me, the only builds that mega cripple or insta-kill me are now builds which are actually heavy and should have that kind of ability.


Everyone was sick of DPS strafing builds dominating, so it’s not surprising melee is becoming more relevant again.

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I often use a lot of passive melee on my builds preferring them over bumpers, I actually think the changes are ok but it will take a while for them to settle into good levels.

Passive melee on heli is kind of fun and funny too btw.

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I have to check those changes.
Bumpers are a crucial aspect of my builds, the smaller ones are used to glue bigger ones to the build and are the last line of defence before my soft parts i use them defensively

the smaller amount of HP in comparison with similar or comparable builds do pay off, they offer bigger durability.

But i’m already working in a B plan, not correlated.

I can adapt to changes, but those look like horseshit so much that I think they might fix it soon and it would be a waste of time rebuilding everything to current meta among bumpers. And nonsence of how most parts are balanced now makes me disgust devs and reluctant to start sorting this all out. It only makes me want reduce my time in game to minimal till they fix their damn game, wondering if they even will.

So your issue is they took away your over powered toys? lol


Overpowered? You must be the first idiot ever to call hatchet, flail or other less than 100 hp bumper “overpowered”.

We already know how you act badly at the slightest thing. Do you happen to have a napkin to wipe up your own spittle… I use to get up into the 800’s just from plowing into players. You’re ridiculous thinking they aren’t over powered.


I attach my weapons to items with 5hp, that’s not what makes them strong.

You were before using a melee item as a bumper, technically… simply because it had better stats per size, right? Now that things have been re-balanced it turns out that bumpers are now better bumpers than melee parts… who’d have thought that was intentional?


So with such a large surface area it had a 90% resistance to melee and ram damage. You understand that with 90% resistance to melee damage this thing could soak up a whopping 279 melee damage, coupled with such a big surface area and letting 0 damage through…

Seems like a loophole to use this instead of a bumper which would weigh more on your seal clubbing growl build.


It’s horrible they never look at the upside of the changes.

If you don’t abuse any loopholes, metas or exploits then you’ll never be inconvenienced either…

Oh ye, some random local idiot and a narcissist that gets bested by AI Bots, why did I even bother starting this topic. There’s none to talk to on this forum.

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Sorry that I brought facts and stats into this, live in your own fantasy world bro

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See what I mean freaks out easily…

Melee weapons are seriously broken.
Why spend 5 seconds to de-gun and 5 seconds to kill, when you can just drive into people and kill them in 2 seconds?

Not the topic but sure

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Finishing someone off by crashing into them is one of the most satisfying things in this game.


On one hand, my flails no longer nke half an opponent on impact…
On the other hand, they’re much tougher.

I’m torn on this.