Patent fee

A simple way to dicourage exhibition-builds and brain-dead meta would be to reduce rewards for users of “at the moment overused and overperforming” builds.
For example - if combination trucker+borer is used by more than one player in a mission, they get reduced reward or other players get increased reward for attacking them. If specific build is overperforming in general, every user get a deduction from reward and so on. I am pretty sure the data is available real-time.
Can be explained by lore as “syndicate patent fee” or something. That way specific cabin-weapon combinations can be disencouraged in real time. Force some damn variation into the game.

Because that would be fair? The game doesn’t control how much of any given build is in a battle. It would not be fair for someone using lets say maces because they want to play a shotgun build to get less rewards just because another random in the same raid wanted to use maces as well.

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How about no Scott?

If a build is overperforming, the penalty would just balance the mechanical advantage over skill. If 60% of players have same build it is their damn fault, they are abusing the system and shall not be rewarded for it.

It is technically not possible to perfectly balance a free-build game like crossout, but one can balance rewards for it. Same as tax-evasion is not considered good business practive IRL.

If somebody is using shotguns, may their fathers be ashamed of them and their mothers not grant them love, he is doing so to abuse broken mechanics. This is reward enough, to add resources to is is not fair. If you put 3 sledgehammers on growl you are almost guaranteed to be MVP by just pushing W+LMB till the end. It is not skill based but just shitty mechanic.
If 2/3s of the players are trucker+borers you can’t possibly believe it is because great minds think alike.
This game is unbalanced in that it rewards less skillfull use and more “exhibition conformity” at any given PS. Build diversity is shit, and dont make me start about sideways hover. Or do you think the glitch warriors have an ounce if honor deserving fair treatment?

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I appreciate the motivation for this suggestion, but the problem is, that it tries to treat the symptom, not the sickness. The real problem is that some pieces of equipment, usually premium pack ones (totally not pay 2 win, guys, you are free to grind for 5 years to buy them on the market at 10x inflated prices) are so blatantly overpowered that they invalidate all other options. Favorite cab/spitfire combos, Blight and anything with flame, etc. There are ofc non-premium cancers as well, like bastion augers and hover-anything, but the point remains: the real issue is the lack of proper balancing between parts, as well as some other things that affect the game in its entirety, such as the godawful physics that just begs to be abused at every turn.


yes, to some degree.

I dont think it is possible to balance the game. There are just to many possible combinaitons. And I do believe that extremely skill-based combination should overperform. Have you seen the guy making a build that attacks with bttload of shivs on a car rolling using boosters?
The problem is - players omtimize the fun out of the game, and devs should take measures to protect players from their own stupidity and monkey-brain dopamin-shortcuts. No matter how much you nerf and boost, there will be a combination that can outperform - so why not reward players for not doing so?
Give more reward for more creativity and you will be amazed how much divercity will arise. At the moment XO is following free amrket laws - and same as in real life it leads to bunch of overperforming positions.

100% NO to the OPs idea.


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Forced variation isn’t a good thing. I bet that your idea would backfire and just cause people to quit. Overwatch tried this method, it caused people to quit because they couldn’t play what they wanted.

Or it’s just a build that works. I have had PvP matches with 6 players using miniguns, all but 2 had unique builds that were not copy and pastes, they just had a very similar loadout because they were using miniguns.

Except what you’re proposing is that weapon + cabin or whatever else as a combination is decided on should reduce the rewards. Doesn’t matter that you could end up in a battle where you’re on a team with all different builds or a battle where your team has 3 incinerators with the obvious choice of the blight being their cabins. XO doesn’t say “There is a max of 3 shotguns per team, 2 cannons, .etc .etc.”, it’s just random and this can lead to entire teams of shotguns.

Tryhards caring about winning rather than having fun is still not a reason to ignore the obvious problems. Some days I just feel like playing with shotguns for a bit, other days I don’t. That many players main brainless w builds is awful for build variety but reducing rewards won’t change that. All it does is screw over anyone wanting to play a popular/common build.

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