* Patrol is alot better now,thx devs..πŸ˜‰

just funner,anyone play it yet?

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I did do a few patrol to get some challenges done fast today (17k+). They do seem slightly smarter, not by much but it is better.

I always love when they change the bots up. It always takes me a little while to re-find all the hidden goodies. I can’t say they seemed any smarter though. The kaiju bot was a nice surprise. I thought it was a teammate shooting me at first lol…

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GoBots… Transformers for poor kids and dumb kids. Lol

I did not get to play much today, but one of my kids knocked out all the seasons challenges for me elusively in patrol.

One AI feature I think may have changed is how the Bots would relentlessly attack the first opponent they see. I’ll have to check that out further later.