Patrol... is PvP now?

This has been happening a number of times recently. The player “Kalipsar” on the bot team on patrol. It’s ALWAYS this player. Do any of you have an idea as to why? Are they a dev? A hacker who wants a challenge? A really weirdly named bot? What’s happening?

Edit: really strange update, the account exists but is offline (has been for 62 days), and has a different pfp.

They do that sometimes for players that died.



Please explain

On Playstation a user named Miss Mel died. They immortalized her by putting her firedog build into the bots lineup. Irks some of us, because she was known more as a breaker player. It was just the last build she had in her garage


She shows up as a bot on PC though too…

How those things are known by us or the devs?
If a players dies, his account stays inactive, and never see him again ( i imagine)

This is a link to the story about Miss Mel. After reading this, I’ve never shot at her when she shows up on the enemy team. She played the game long before I joined.

I know of two other players who passed away within the past year or two.

Kalipsar, I’m told, was a developer who recently passed away.


It’s someone popular enough to let the info pass, I generally think it’s a fair idea.

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