Patrol vs ai rewards nerfed

i dont think many people care about this but i noticed my rewards from this have dropped quite a bit.
i now only get 12 - 14. i do get 15 if i score the highest but thats just stupid.
i used to get 15 - 18 with 18 being quite common for me.
now 13 is the most common amount of scrap i get in patrol vs ai.
i guess the devs are trying to make slight changes and hoping we wont notice, well i noticed devs, FIX THIS.

I wasn’t happy when they redid the bots in update 2.0. What was once easy PVE patrols became insane, but the rewards stayed the same.

Did they also increase the cost in badges for resources too?

I really get the impression they are sneak-tweeking a lot of stuff right now, both because of the occasionally game-breaking lag, and because things like my wheels feel different, and my Sidekicks are suddenly actually effective when they never were, at least not on my build. Also, the sudden and unannounced gun fragility.

I wonder if it was the free 3 day premium we had?

No idea, just tossing that idea out their.

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doesnt look like it. most of them are the same prices as before. 100 wires for 125 badges, 100 scrap for 65 badges, 200 batteries for 320 badges. its been the same for me.

huh? guns have been more fragile? i have noticed though that sometimes the gun mount parts can be stupidly fragile even when i have them welded to the cabin. most of the shoot through parts ive noticed have been pretty fragile and fall off pretty fast especially from certain weapons.

its been like that since the update. i have no idea why that is but its kinda stupid if you ask me. it doesnt matter what my score is, if i score the highest i get 15, if i score under the highest i get 14, i few spots less is 13 and near the bottom is 11 - 12. i think this is awful and ive always said the rewards in patrol vs ai need to be raised not lowered. in pvp you can get 3 - 4 times more then that. in clan wars you get 50 - 75 depending on win / losses per match. in normal pvp you can get i believe its 40? i havent played in a while. but in patrol vs ai pve you get 15… that really seems to low to me. and the thing is we have a cap for scrap so i have no idea why they want to limit pve so badly for solo players or people that dont like pvp. pve rewards should be slightly less then pvp if thats the case, patrol vs ai should give 25 - 30 scrap per round instead of 15 max.