Patrol vs regular pvp times and rewards

I played 100 games of patrol, 100 games of get the scrap.

Average time in patrol: 1:47 Scrap: 17
Average time in reg pvp: 2:17 Scrap 39

Premium account.

It doesn’t look like patrol is as efficient as regular pvp.


If you factor in queue time as well, its even worse. I love patrol for doing speed runs on BP challenges, especially with weapons I don’t have great builds for, namely cannon and shotgun challenges. Other than that, I don’t play patrol much.


The extra 2 targets make it great BP challenge farming. (had to catch up after fishing season)

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Right. Those “Destroy 40 enemies” challenges are much easier in an 8X8 patrol format. You just do a little bit of damage to as many targets as you can hit and let your teammates carry you.

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I don’t suppose it’s supposed to be. Since it’s so much easier than PVP, the developers fashioned it to be less rewarding of resources.

However, if I grind off my challenges in Copper Patrols using a build equipped with a machine-gun, auto-cannon, and a regular cannon, I can tear through a lot of challenges quickly, leveling up my Battle Pass, while earning copper for the patrol, and scrap and badges for completing regular challenges.

Generally, a build like this won’t survive well in PVP, but it seems very efficient in Patrols, and has come to be my regular routine for leveling up Battle Passes, and knocking out challenges quickly if I’m pressed for time. It takes a lot of the grind and urgency off the game, I think.

Then if I’ve got shotgun challenges still left over, I just suit up and hit PVP with those, because shotguns are still pretty strong in PVP, and those are always easy to work with…and the rewards are better in PVP too (once the challenges are completed).


100% this - the Dev Team wants people to play the real game.

Things like patrol, bedlam and adventure mode were never meant to be the “main” part of the game. They want you to use patrol for fast challenge clearing, build testing, new account training/leveling.

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Here’s my new challenge clearing build:

Shotguns, MGs, cannons, and autocannons. I could probably swap the little boy for a waltz to do missile challenges.


i don’t think it is, either. But I do like having an area that I can practice new designs in that, also, has some kind of reward dished out.

I also use the patrols as a place to chill while the META shifts around in the PvP, until my group comes back around.


Patrol is part of the real game, it’s for people who don’t like dealing with :cow2: :poop: from both sides of the field plus the :clown_face: bots, plus it’s great for beginners and doing challenges as you pointed out and for the most part less :poop: :clown_face: to deal with

For the most part, it is, but I do see clan :clown_face: who think patrol is their personal military and bark orders and also seal clubbers, I find that so silly and funny people seal club bots :joy: :joy:

here’s where I have to admit that I love using the catalina against bots because my club just gets bigger and bigger, LMAO

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A special place in hell awaits you. Filled with 20k bots.

And you get the starter truck xD

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