Pay No Attention to the Guy Behind the ObsidianFang!

I’m here to apologize to a couple of you for ranting on your posts, and by “a couple” there’s just too many for me to give you a personal shout out, and that’s on me. Just know that I do have my regrets about getting egotistical, arrogant, and otherwise unsavory.

I got more than one screw loose and it doesn’t take much to rattle them, so, I’m sorry for those times I fall apart right in front of y’all. I do regret it.

Here’s a link to My reddit Post “About Me” and it’s a bit of a read and covers SENSITIVE topics but I would really appreciate it if you took some time to get to know a little about what I’m dealing with.

Sorry and Thank You, all in one, ObsidianFang.


I don’t think you need to explain anything to them. Just be…


This “back story” is what I attempt to imagine when disagreeing with someone be it online or in person. The fact that some of us are able to function at all is amazing, so a little grace is warranted. My own back story isn’t that terribly dissimilar, so you’d think I’d not forget that grace, and yet I do. Repeatedly.

It’s no small burden you’re quietly bearing… Your own little piece of Hell smoldering within, always somehow on the tip of your tongue, rarely ever spoken of, and regretted once revealed.

That’s my experience, anyhow.

Simply pasted my response from there to here…


I called some guy a c-nt on this forum at least once. I’m not sure I feel too bad about it, but I am trying to find a better way.

It used to be understood that life was full of travail and personal anguish, and that alone demanded a certain amount of respect, just for being alive, even for a-holes. Respect was not something you “had to earn,” like they say today. Respect for other people was a discipline you cultivated for your own sake, without regard to somebody else’s perceived status or righteousness, and with the understanding that you can’t know what other people have been through, and are not fit to judge them…You simply tip your hat and open the door for the old-lady, regardless of if you think she’s a b-tch or not, because having respect is about you, and your personal character, not them.

Having said that, I don’t believe respect is just about being polite either. It’s also about acknowledging the strength of potential danger. Go flip off random people on the street and see what happens. Eventually, you’ll come across that guy whose had a rough spell and is done taking people’s schit, and you just pushed him too far. You could find your name in the papers that way.

Also; bears. Respect bears. Always respect bears.

This is what it means when they say “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,” I think. It also underlines the importance of being well armed. In this way, we can also have respect for our adversaries, by acknowledging the potential threat, not provoking hazards, and being properly prepared for them. Good manners is a survival instinct, or it should be.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think people were always as full of schit as they are today, and it’s hard for me to have patience for it, or feel sorry for the general public, it’s burdens, or the calamity they face…supposing they even realize how fckd-up things actually are. So, I get it. The struggle is real. Sometimes it takes real balls to heft the weight of it, I think, so good for you 'Fang.

…and that’s my sermon on “polite society.”


Thank you.

feel free to use the messaging system here to hit me up if wanna chat about anything.

It’s hard for me to admit it but, in the real world, I’m THAT guy. It doesn’t take much to set me off. I’ve got a fuse shorter than a Cherry Bomb.


Guess I’ll post this here. I have so many moments of unclarity that I never know what I did to deserve what. Reddit’s had it out for me for a while now. I can’t post 1 thing with out it going straight to zero.


If anyone’s been wondering where I been lately, I’ve decided to take an indefinite break from creating Crossout fan-fiction. Mainly because one of my co-authors has handed over a book to tackle. When I need to take a break from that I like to work on art and, recently, added another model to my roster. I’d like to introduce you all to Jessica K. Patterson.




lol, fine be that way.
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