PC Bunny ear challenge ? whats happening? Bug ? this not fun

yes i got my ears on,i think i have an ear infection :crazy_face:.
i got 1 then after 15 games i got 3 of them 4, drip drip,
now i’m stuck at 9/10 ? for 20 matches now in pvp
no way everyone has no ears on.
but if it’s so…then give bots ears or have the ears on all the time for this event.
i doubt we need to shoot the box. just the build with it and they need to die,like last time.

am i missing something or did players finish the challenge and took the ears off ?
idk yet,because i don’t know the next challenge. :crazy_face:

Edit" got it ! this the last mission to get the perm ears,but i’ll leave this up
" or did players finish the challenge and took the ears off ?" this is whats happenening :face_with_monocle:


It could be people finishing and just removing them. I doubt it’s a bug if you already got that far.

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i did have games that stopped at 9/10 and was a bug,glad this wasn’t that.

I did see a lot of people in patrol wearing them, so some of it could be players that do both too cutting down the numbers too.

Damned if I’m gonna put bunny ears on my builds. Act like men, you guys…

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I just didn’t bother with that

It took forever to get all ten. Now I run dual ears.

When the battle has 4 bots per side, that cuts down your chances for ears.

Real men wear pink and bunny ears.

I love pulling up to a fight in a battle-hardened APC, spraying bullets… with pink bunny ears :rofl: