* PC Faction Rewards 😋

they are both cool…but seem alittle too blurry,could sharpen it up alot… :crazy_face:


'but why 6 days left?..pfft


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They look a lot less blurry on PC, so it must be the settings there.

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PlayStation got firestarter rewards

Lucky playstation they got the better ones.

We’re not lucky, we just make better life choices.


No you don’t you bought a playstation. I swear in crossplay games they are consistently the most suicidal in game play.

Jokes aside, nice to see at least one location got the phoenix. to many people on PC thought it was a chicken for some reason.

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Maybe not so much that they thought it was a chicken, but rather the mentality of wanting to “be cool” by being on the winning team. That’s important to alot of people, apparently.

I was on the losing team, but it worked out just as well, because the first thing I did was salvage the wolf hologram for resources.

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lol, I do see a lot of that kind of gameplay, and I am sometimes guilty of it myself.
But on the other hand, you rarely hear PlayStation players complaining about lag and dropped connections, and it sounds like our market works better. It also seems like a wider variety of movement parts are used too, which is a good thing IMO.

I wish we had a lot more players, but it sounds like we have better queue times than XBOX, at least based on what forum members say. And I don’t see any signs that the PlayStation playerbase is shrinking.

I just called the fire bird hologram a chicken to poke fun, it’s cool but what type of wolf name user wouldn’t go for a wolf theme reward package :rofl:

It wasn’t even a proper war, but simple grinding of XP in any mode. We shall have our revenge, in sha Allah! For the Khaganate!



(According to a leak, the Khaganate rewards will be available in some form, in the future; perhaps in another such event.)

Wolf beats Flaming Bird. I mean one is a mammal the other a bird. Who wants a bird when there is a mammal to be had? Is the Pheonix a female bird? I picture in my mind the bird is a female with the cycle and rebirth sounding female. The wolf is the Alpha Wolf, the prime male specimen. Flaming bird cool, running wolf, cooler. Now a Dragon would have beat them both!

That sounds like all the reasons why I switched to Khaganate ASAP lol. The Brotherhood ? The Brotherhood of gym bros, yeah :joy:.

Also birds = dinosaurs, so the phoenix = fire-spitting dinosaur. Who missed his dragon holo? :face_with_monocle:

I did, I did. Fell asleep.

You know why the fire chickens lost?
Cuz the wolfs got hungry and we all went to KFC for some bucket of fire chicken, and it was finger lickn’ good!