PC game population climb! It’s back baby!

shared from Reddit - population back to normal - did it go up a little?

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Conspiracy update
India announced allowing US to build military base in boarders, BRICS announcement of new currency flounders. Players return.

Connections, connections…


Hmmm you might be on to something.

Russia want the US to stay out of India = Fail
BRICS wants to break away from the dominant US $ =Fail
People on Reddit tried to get people to stop playing the game…. I think you see where I’m going with this one :wink:

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i do, and as with mine, just grains of salt to be considered in the spice of the overall recipe.

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PC has higher peak play now

Here is the peak right before the population started going down.



And here is the peak from today



So that it a pretty high % increase in player.

I’m using my big ass hands on a phone screen to move the graph, lol :joy: so it might be off a few one way or the other. But the information is public is anyone’s wants to go look.

Those are solid gains!

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Hmmm… also one more weird thing. I just noticed that the population dip started a few days before the patch.

So the patch itself didn’t start the “few day” population dip.

Patch was on the 17th right? The downward motion started right after the 14th.

But PC is :slight_smile: all good now.

I think today’s patch helped. The needle is finally moving on all my challenges pretty good, and the progression is actually faster than I thought it would be. I’m getting points for everything I do, and I did get into Confrontation Mode just now, and that really makes it move. Activity in that mode moves the needle on several different challenges, and it progresses things pretty quick.

That progress is almost entirely from one session, f2p, solo, with a bunch of randoms, which sometimes was problematic, just like regular PVP…but no bots (just sayin). If I had even one guy to help these lines would boogie.

Take a look at this crap though…

Not a hell of a lot of build diversity in there. It’s great that they were on my side that time, but the next match…

If I had a real clan, I’m certain we could eat their lunch though, but the META is real in there.

I didn’t always get mauled ruthlessly either.

That felt like a pretty solid score for a f2p solo guy, but seriously…
The META is real. Bringing PVE, or art-builds in there isn’t going to fly.

Point is…I had fun. Those bad reviews and bad numbers are going to peel off as they sharpen this update up, and it feels better with just the patch from today. Anybody who thinks what they are looking at right now is the finished product doesn’t know Crossout. This isn’t done cooking. None of it is. It will get better, I think.

I think I can work with this, now that the damn numbers are flowing. If I had a mate or two, it would be better.

REXmachina is open and it’s beginner level. I’m at PS 5-6K. I’m rolling free to play, so I’m doing the best I can

I play a lot. Even when the game sucks.


Sheesh… those things… I think I hate nasty meta like this more than anything in the game, surely more than this petty whine over loosing solo badge farm.(even though there is rather easy challenge to make damage in confrontation and make 600 a week)

Doesn’t seems you know either. I don’t think there is even something like “being done” for crossout. It looked like it was done 2 years ago, and then lots of things rolled out flipping things upside down.
It just stumbles and tumbles, rolls and tries to maintain some sort of balance.
I scraped my storage to leave the game like 3 times for reasons beyond this already regular patch release end of the game whines, just to realize there simply nothing better. And I don’t even see anything on the horizon.
Surely there will be some sweet singleplayer games for a walkthrough, but something with competitive pvp for everyday - I don’t see alternative. I love the idea of their vehicle constructor in post-apocalyptic maps. Just hate at times the way they do things. But after all this bumps and everlasting end of the game whines you still realize the game is still pretty same and playable.
The grind is getting tougher though from year to year, and their greedy schemes to extort every cent they can, so it’s not a good game to recommend to anyone either, especially as pvp gets broken regularly with some nasty meta… like this huggins… what were they even thinking adding it with buffed HP to parts and co-drivers giving 30% damage resistence… The devs…

100% man!

This is what everyone should really be complaining about.

When they first announced these changes I told everyone be careful what you ask for. Becuase as soon as you turn 9k into a new CW bracket then expect the players in that PS to min-max everything even in normal PvP. And that 2499-6499 would be the only simi-safe area away from try hards.

But, everyone loved the idea back then :slight_smile:

The 9k guys “thought” they knew what META builds are. Lol. It has just begun.


Huggins is pretty established 5000 PS meta, there even versions of 4000 PS. The only good thing is clan parties partially left pvp to torment everything in confrontation.
Devs must be thinking it’s a rock-scissor game but all I see it’s either heavies tanking out everything up close or hoevers kiting stuff from distances, only hovers seem to be rather rare thing now. Certainly been a while as I seen hover parties countering huginnses. Keeping distance doesn’t works as easy as devs think it does.
This “come close deal ton of damage thing” been the most effective thing in xo since the start I suspect. And now they made them 3000-4000 hp fat things… with 30% DR perk, like wtf? It didn’t happened overnight, they built this meta step by step, making parts more hp, cheaper, They probably wanted to get rid of hovers with those things but I’d rather have hovers. They will fix it at some point… but it usually takes them months.
I came to realize this overall playerbase despise of devs is well deserved. Their inept balancing on pair with crude greed drags the project like an anchor.
They even make players pay with load of resources for taking out trash stickers which they put by their autoprogressing mini-BPs… As you craft 5 stickers into 1 most likely cheap useless item it would be fair to pay nothing, but no, give 500 scrap,500copper, and 7 coin on top… There are some really brain sick people running the game.

I’ve often gotten the impression that the management has changed several times and the original plan for this game was ditched somewhere along the way along with the rights to some of the code. It just looks like they’ve changed direction a few times and never reconciled the new plan with the old plan, and they just pile new stuff on top of the old stuff.

The 4+ years I played the core of the game was always same. And with how empty game was back than, wasn’t much happening back than either. Few insanely expansive relics, CW only farmable uranium to get them, some maps, parts, annoying PVE, some levi they don’t know where to put… The real change only started happening 1-2 years ago with view controlled movement for hovers legs and such, graphics overhaul… The core, idea, concept stayed same. They just add stuff, rework things, but that’s it. Even if management changed, the game didn’t. Although the balance and meta is roller-coaster.

It has always been a back and forth between miserable and entertaining, that’s for sure. That part never seems to change, and I presume the cycle will continue.

I’d probably have a hard time recommending this game to anyone too.

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