* [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Dronapocalypse 🤗

This is a case of “Real and Fun are two different things”

They should hit hard, but if they are made real… then forget having fun.

its fun for YOU, not for them :crazy_face:

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Very true and I do enjoy shooting fish in a barrel from time to time :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about taken advantage of things while you can.

BUT that fun only lasts so long.

The game was so boring playing clan wars during the Typhoon days. Hide, shoot, hide, shoot, ZZZzzzzz fest.

I still think the best balance we ever had was right before the 2.0 update, a ton of builds where good in CWs. Then in one update they destroyed that.

I do want to see cannons reworked, but I just hope it is not at the expensive of another round of cannon dominance.

yeah like with the typhoons. i have 2 of them myself and its funny that their price went from 33k to almost 44k. hell i even got a mastodon for around 34k and now thats 42k lol.
i remember when typhoons were really broken though, just having that ability to stun lock enemies. i got the typhoons mainly for the perk because it did help a little with up close dog builds. id remember someone coming at me then id drop a kapkan, hit them with a typhoon shot, step aside and let my kapkan snag them and hit them for more damage. its hard balancing stuff in a game like this.
tbh though the blueprints they gave during events… i still have many and none of them are worth making. i even got 2 stacks of the same weapon. and a few cost more to make then to sell them.

yeah thats true. every team i was on they would want me to constantly run typhoons, mainly because i was so good at them. i hit alot of my shots and my accuracy was really good for someone who didnt use aim assist. i lead my shots extremely well to. but i didnt like running them all the time but they wanted relics apparently…

i swear if we get cannon shots that just take 1 hit to frame a firebug or flamethrower build im gonna laugh :rofl:

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I think it will probably be a bit of a mess at first, but DPS has been too strong for too long (and that’s coming from someone who is most comfortable on machine guns).
Eventually they’ll be able to nerf the over performing cannons. It didn’t even take them very long to see that Avengers got buffed too much.

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I agree, but let’s hope this comes much faster then it did with the old cannon meta.

Balanced fair cannons is what the goal should be.

Not “Everyone play cannons or nothing” like it was years ago.

I’m sorry I got PTSD from the old typhoon meta :slight_smile: to many rounds of top 10 CWs that where the same thing, over and over and over…

I bet it was bad in CW, but in PVP it was kind of exciting. Definitely taught me to keep behind cover as I advance.
I think they should also up the recoil of cannons to make them hard to use on fast builds and hovers. I know some will find a way to take advantage of the recoil, but that’s what makes the game great.

So… this is a possible reward.
Not bad.



So, ya’ll taken the piss with this Athena crafting bit. I’ve bought just about every pack in this game and I was happy to do so, but this is just straight extortion. I won’t be wasting my money on this nonsense.

Yeah I want that hologram and the VR duck


im jealous lol , all ive gotten is anger 1 and 2 stickers , i hope i dont get shafted on these crates like off we go

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Did you do something with hp or resistance of ai in raids ? Dealt thousands of damage to normal enemies. Or is it scaled to ps because one team member was 17.7K vs my 11.6K

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I’m pretty sure it scales


Ok, then I guess I was extra unlucky because the higher ps guys wasted their lives and I had to get several repair kits. Because the ai was stronger than me and it didn’t feel like a fair fight at all.

hard raids scale to the upper limit of PS.
medium and easy have hard caps in scaling to the raid.

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Thanks :blush: Good to know.

The lowest was 9.2k and highest over 17.7k i was 11.6k so when scaling that to the highest guy is screwing the rest if they don’t play well. I hope they will do something to prevent that big ps range.

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If you’re the lightest compared with the others, then yeah, you’re going to have a hard time scoring points. You want to be towards the top to get that damage.

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Yes, this is how it works.

It scales the PS of the bots, but unlike other games, it does not scale the player. So when you get hit, you get hit hard if your the lowest PS.

The bots scale on the total PS of all the people in the group combined group.

These below numbers are not correct - but below demonstrates the point of how it works.

So say you have a 5k guy, two 10k guys, and a 15k guy then it is a total of 40k PS. Now I’m not sure where the PvE PS brackets are, but the game would base the bots off of the 40k ps total.


In other words… there you are with your common weapons plinking away at the strongest armor in the game - getting very few points. And, when you get hit, you’re getting hit with the strongest weapons in the game that will eviscerate your buggy armor.

If you’re in a hurry to complete those challenges, hit patrol a few times in a 5k or so build. The matches will be super fast, so you’ll be more likely to complete the challenges in whatever amount of time you have allotted to the game. It’s not the most engaging, but it’s good for knocking out challenges like this.

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I’m sure there’s a list somewhere of what you can win in this, but I don’t know anything about that…

Anyhoo… got this today. Kinda’ funny… “mattress” :clown_face: