[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Rise of the machines

Crossplay when?

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Just a note about playing “rise of the machines”. Way Too Long. My last battle (and that was my last battle) went 18 waves; it felt like the game was going for 20-25 minutes. Earlier today a guy on the friends list told me played for a half hour; I said “sure” and laughed it off. I guess he was serious.

I don’t recommend this mode to older adults playing on an empty stomach and who are subject to eye strain. After 15 minutes, I felt nauseous. The machines will have to rise without me. :confounded:

Only time will tell what happens.

It eats up the daily rep bonus really fast too.

I like the duck


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A PS4 system update froze my console before I could try the Crossout update.
Hoping I can get it booting up tonight, but couldn’t even get it to respond in safe mode last night.

I like the ducky too

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i got a bunch of them, 12, and fused them. the thing is… i got 6 different fusions on them all. yeah no two being the same lol. still they did help me on my heli build absorb a few hits to so they aint that bad.

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That’s why I tend to do wheels during events. I’ve never had good luck with getting matching upgrades doing them one at a time. I remember it taking forever to get a match set of large wheels, didn’t even have the build anymore by the time I got them all lol.

Yeah I gave up on fusions too, I never get a pair of anything to match, let alone 4 wheels.

The New Year’s Caravan allows you to craft an Oma… with fused Slepinir’s and Miller’s from the BP. Those exact fuses. But hey, the Huginn doesn’t need to be.

They don’t need to match…

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They do if you are going to craft an omamari in the New Year’s Caravan event. It’s millers from one BP and Slepinir’s from the other.

It’s just nicer to have matching ones.

and cooler

then, don’t fuse

Like I said I wait patiently for events where I can do them all at once… See what I said above:

I just put an order on the market to buy whirls, whirls (among other things) that i sold to fuse a Photon cab, that was more than a year ago. That cab broke my bank. Lesson learned.
As many, i fused other things, like hawks each one with a different thing.
Now i want to fuse my Caucasus for range and mass, they are up to fuse but not with the properties that i want.
Even having " guaranteed " fuses outcomes, that doesn’t mean those " guaranteed" fuses are the ones you want.

Patience and luck.
After the whirls, legs and atoms.

If you want matching parts, better not to fuse them cause to have a fuse with what you want you have to get lucky.

As far I’m concerned fuses like the Photon cab one never again

Both of these are fairly good for them. The mass reduction brings the mass below it’s durability amount and the power pulls it down to -15% which is fairly good and should make them more responsive. Not every event upgrade works out like that though.

Like I would have looked at doing another fatman but it’s +dur instead of -mass. Really need the weight reduction if you plan on using them on lighter builds.

I get what your saying too though…

Relic Gen?! What a pile of horse squeeze. More for the elite . The ability to grind and craft something like that is an unreachable goal for the average players. :thinking: Then again who in their right mind would craft something that unreasonably expensive for one lousey point of power? “A :crazy_face: fool & they’re money soon parts ways”

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