[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Rise of the machines

Crossout: Rise of the machines

Let’s celebrate the New Year in the Wasteland! In this holiday update you can expect: a new brawl “Rise of the machines” with a leaderboard and valuable rewards, a wide variety of parts and cosmetic items on the festive workbench, a new relic generator and numerous balance changes and improvements to existing mechanics.

“Rise of the machines” event

Attention! The event will last until January 14 inclusive!

Festive brawl

  • “Rise of the machines” is a team PvE brawl in which a team of survivors (4 players) will have to work together to fend off the waves of regular enemies and leaders and set records for the number of waves completed and points scored.
  • Both regular armoured vehicles and armoured aircraft can participate in the battle.
  • The battle takes place in a special version of the “Ashen ring” map.
  • At the beginning of the battle, players are granted a limited amount of time.
    • It can be increased by destroying waves of enemies and leaders as quickly as possible.
    • Each destruction of the player’s vehicle results in the loss of a certain amount of time.
  • From time to time during the battle among the enemies there will be vehicles marked with a special icon. The destruction of such vehicles will provide additional random bonuses that temporarily strengthen the armoured vehicles of all your allies.
  • Among the enemy ranks, there will also be cars with blue visors. Destroying the blue visors frees the vehicle from the Ravagers’ control, makes it friendly to your team, and brings you extra points.
  • The results of battles are recorded in the mode leaderboard and will be updated if you manage to beat your previous record.
  • As a reward for the brawl, players receive “Wires”, “Electronics” and “Crackers”.

“Crackers” can also be earned in the special PvP mission “New Year’s fever”.

“Lost and found explosives” workbench

  • The workbench is only available during the “Snowstorm” event.
  • Players can use the workbench to produce various cosmetic items using common resources and a special New Year’s resource “Crackers”.
  • “Crackers” is a temporary resource. At the end of the “Snowstorm” event, all unused crackers will be removed without the option to exchange them.
  • In addition to cosmetic items, players can produce a number of already upgraded parts. This will require resources and standard versions of these parts.


The best of the best will receive valuable rewards, depending on their position in the leaderboard at the end of the event:

  • 1 place: 3 “Legendary merchant case” containers with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
  • Places 2 — 3: 2 “Legendary merchant case” containers with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
  • Places 4 — 10: 1 “Legendary merchant case” with a tradable legendary part of your choice and 1 “Epic merchant case” container with a tradable epic part of your choice.
  • Places 11 – 100: 1 “Legendary case” container with a non-tradable legendary part of your choice and 1 “Epic merchant case” container with a tradable epic part of your choice.
  • Places 101 – 500: 1 “Epic merchant case” container with a tradable epic part of your choice.
  • Places 501 – 5000: 1 “Epic case” container with a non-tradable epic part of your choice.

Special daily challenge

During the event, a special daily challenge will be available to you. To complete it, you need to take part in the New Year’s brawl “Rise of the machines” 2 times. As a reward for completing the challenge, you will get a “Strategic reserve” container.

New Year’s promotion for structural parts

Only from December 14 to January 14 inclusive, any structural part in the “Badge exchange” section can be obtained for only 150 Engineer badges, instead of 300.

It’s time to expand the range of parts in your storage to assemble the car of your dreams!

New relic generator “Odin”

  • Produced on the relic Engineer workbench “Secret workshop”.
  • Greatest damage when detonated.
  • Adds energy: 5 pts.
  • Durability: 367 pts.
  • Mass: 874 kg.

“New Year’s caravan” event

Attention! The event and packs will be available until January 14 inclusive!

  • The levels and corresponding rewards are unlocked as you complete special challenges and earn event experience points.
  • Event experience points are required to unlock levels and receive rewards.
  • As part of this event, you will be receiving new challenges: 1 main and 1 additional challenge.
  • New challenges appear every day. All uncompleted daily challenges are accumulated.
  • The base event rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:
    • A container with a tradable epic part of your choice;
    • 50 in-game coins;
    • Cosmetic items: a new “Winterduck” decor, 2 containers with a customization kit of your choice, a number of stickers and paints, decorations for the range, fireworks, decor;
    • Containers with resources;
    • Special workbench coupons;
    • Engineer badges.
  • All additional rewards (marked with a lock icon on a blue background) are only available to those who have purchased the “New Year’s caravan” pack (standard or deluxe version). Purchasing the deluxe version immediately unlocks the following 10 levels and all the rewards of the unlocked levels.
  • Purchasing the pack gives you access to:
    • Certain already produced parts;
    • Recipes for the production of certain upgraded parts on the event workbench;
    • Additional 550 in-game coins;
    • “New Year tree” decoration;
    • Storage expansion;
    • For each subsequent level, starting from 47, you will receive the “AC62 Therm” autocannon as a reward. These autocannons can be used in the production of parts on a special event workbench, as well as sold or used in upgrades.

Attention! “New Year’s caravan” packs will be available:

  • PC: from December 14, 06:00 GMT, to January 14 inclusive;
  • Consoles: from December 14, 10:00 GMT, to January 14 inclusive.


You can now produce a unique duck “Ninjaduck” on the Engineer workbench “Secret workshop”. The decor is produced from “Crew duck”, “Globeduck” and “Winterduck”.

  • All garages were decorated for the New Year’s event.
  • Environment objects on a number of maps have been improved, which will correct a number of cases where an armoured car could get stuck on the surface when moving or collide with invisible obstacles:
    • Fortress;
    • Peaceful atom;
    • Naukograd;
    • Founders Canyon;
    • Powerplant;
    • “Control-17” station;
    • Sandy gulf;
    • Ship graveyard.
  • The “Terminal-45” map has been removed from the rotation of the “Bedlam” mode.

Tonnage recalculation mechanics

Previously in the game, only armoured vehicles with legs could effectively use other types of movement parts as armour, a source of additional tonnage, or an additional perk that amplified the armoured vehicle.

We agree that this is a serious problem, especially in “Clan Wars” as well as in battles at high PS levels. This solution will reduce the effectiveness of such use of additional movement parts and will not lead to severe limitations in the constructor.

With this mechanic, the movement parts are grouped according to their “height” above the surface:

  • “Group 1”: “Low Clearance”, “Stallion” and “Camber” (1 - 1.5 structural pins above the surface). “Stallions” and “Cambers” are included in this group due to their variable ground clearance.
  • “Group 2”: all other wheels and tracks (2 - 3 structural pins above the surface).
  • “Group 3”: mechanical legs and hovers.

Such simple grouping facilitates the work, because the changes will affect a limited number of assemblies. So, for example, a car on “Bigfoot” and “Hermits” will not suffer in any way, even though these wheels have some difference in height.

Now, when mounting movement parts from different groups on the vehicle, only the ones belonging to the “high” group will give a constant tonnage. That is, if the vehicle is equipped with movement parts of the “third” and “second” groups at the same time, then only those of the “third” group will provide tonnage and if the movement parts of the “second” and “first” groups are mounted, then only those of the “second” one will provide it (etc.).

  1. Tonnage recalculation occurs with a 2 sec. delay after the movement part of the “lower groups” contact the surface or break away from the surface.
  2. Recalculation doesn’t occur if all movement parts do not touch the ground (if the car is in flight after a jump or is upside down).
  3. The perks of such movement parts are enabled and disabled synchronously with the recalculation of the tonnage.
  4. If the movement parts from the “third” group are lost, the mounted movement parts from the “second” (or “first”) group and all their parameters and bonuses start working permanently.

In this state, such mechanics:

  • Do not affect the majority of armoured cars.
  • Due to points 1 and 2, they shouldn’t harm “inclined” vehicles.
  • Do not prohibit the use of “low” movement parts as armour on vehicles with legs and hovers, but should reduce the effectiveness of such assemblies.

IMPORTANT: due to the introduction of this mechanic, the forced disabling of hovers when mounting other movement parts has been removed.


If the movement parts of different levels are mounted, then:

  • The “lower” movement parts are highlighted in orange in assembly mode mode.
  • In the vehicle characteristics, the word “Tonnage” is highlighted in orange.

  • When you hover your cursor over it, the amount of tonnage they do not provide will be displayed on the movement parts.
  • An additional line of explanation appears in the tooltip.

Improvements of the “anti-wedge” mechanics

Now, when applying additional mass from an enemy vehicle, the amount of movement parts detached from the ground is also taken into account.

For example: if a car has 10 wheels, it hits another car and 4 wheels go off the ground, then the car will apply only 40% of the additional mass relative to what it would have applied on the current game server. Hovers and movement parts that don’t give tonnage (mounted as armour and do not touch the ground) don’t participate in the calculation of the coefficient, that is, only the movement parts that initially raised the vehicle above the surface are taken into account.

Accordingly, if after the contact not a single movement part comes off the ground, then the mass won’t be applied.

This should eliminate the situations where contacting a higher enemy part resulted in outweighing (and immobilization). In general, the calculation of the applied mass and the mechanics itself will become more fair.

Balance changes

PU-1 Charge

Mass reduced from 576 to 445 kg.

Comment: the change will simplify the assembly of a vehicle with “Charge” and will increase the demand for this generator relative to “Ampere”.


  • Damage reduced by 5%.
  • Rate of fire reduced by 19%.
  • Now lets 30% of damage through instead of 40%.


  • Damage reduced by 10%.
  • Now lets 30% of damage through instead of 40%.

Comment: in current realities, both shotguns have inflated damage to energy ratio and an overly high survivability.


Vehicle capture time reduced from 7 to 6 sec.

Comment: a player who is caught in the “trap” essentially becomes defenceless and only in rare cases has the opportunity to escape. We believe that 7 sec. of such a state in conditions of fast battles is too much.

Expanded ammo pack

Mass increased from 288 to 408 kg.

Comment: it’s no secret that these ammo packs are used not only for additional projectiles, but also as armour, due to the rather forgiving mass of the module relative to its durability. In most cases, only one or two modules are used for additional ammunition. The change will not greatly affect such assemblies, but will be noticeable for vehicles that were armoured with these modules.


  • Mass increased from 495 to 565 kg.
  • Added the ammunition parameter. Base value: 310 pts.

Comment: this minigun is highly effective in battles (8000 — 10000 PS levels). Vehicles with Millers consistently stand out not only for their high durability, but also for the amount of damage inflicted per battle. Increasing the mass of the minigun will reduce the overall durability of such vehicles, and the limited ammunition will add an element of control and make the effectiveness of the minigun more dependent on the player’s actions.

Gerrida I

Tonnage reduced from 1600 to 1400 kg.

Comment: at the moment, this is the “strongest” movement part in the game. It allows you to assemble very durable and fairly fast and maneuverable vehicles. At this point, we wouldn’t want to limit the main features of these mechanical legs (speed and mobility) in any way, so we decided to make changes to their tonnage and make vehicles with them lighter and more vulnerable. The edit comes on top of the above changes to tonnage recalculation and the use of additional movement parts on the car.


  • Perk damage bonus reduced from 40% to 35%.
  • The distance required to charge the perk increased from 300 to 500 m.

Comment: right now the cabin provides an excessive bonus to vehicles that use fire weapons. The change would make the ratio of the bonus itself to the frequency of its use more fair.


  • Reload time increased from 4 to 5 sec.
  • Damage reduced by 10%.
  • Perk damage bonus reduced from 60% to 50%.

Comment: the overestimated effectiveness of “Astraeus” is observed over a wide range of PS levels (from 7000 to 14000). Often the damage dealt by these weapons outperforms the damage dealt by ranged weapons of higher rarities.

GL-55 Impulse

  • Durability reduced from 192 to 171 pts.
  • Projectile speed reduced by 10%.
  • Reduced accuracy:
  • The effect of vehicle speed on accuracy increased by 30%.
  • Increase in spread after the shot increased by 17%.
  • Reduced aiming speed by 25%.

Comment: the previous adjustments to this weapon proved to be excessive, and increased survivability and damage dealing too much. We are partially reversing the changes made in the “Depths of the Wasteland” update, but would like to note that the final parameters of the grenade launcher still remain higher than before those changes were implemented.


Added 30% explosive damage resistance to the front of the cabin. Resistance to ram damage also applies to the front of the cabin.

Comment: thanks to the change, the built-in melee weapon becomes similar to other melee weapons, and the cabin is not as vulnerable as before.


Now, after the cabin is destroyed, a drone with a “Fafnir” shotgun remains for an unlimited time.

Comment: this change is aimed primarily at increasing interest in using this cabin. A controlled drone with an unlimited “lifetime” will make the game more interesting even after the main vehicle is destroyed.


The cabin’s perk now starts resetting after dealing damage (not ramming damage), not after exiting invisibility.

Comment: the cabin’s perk was too dependent on invisibility modules. The edit gives the player more control over the implementation of bonus damage.


Vertical aiming angles changed from +40/-20 to +20/-10.

Comment: the weapon becomes too effective when it is mounted on armoured aircraft. The change should result in target locking being dropped more often in aerial combat when manoeuvring. In ground battles, “Caucasus” rarely uses such vertical aiming angles, and therefore the adjustment should not have a noticeable effect on them.

BC-17 Tsunami

Reload time reduced from 7 to 6 sec.

ZS-46 Mammoth

Reload time reduced from 6.6 to 6 sec.

Comment: both “Tsunami” and “Mammoth” have an excessively long reload time, which (taking into account the type and characteristics of the weapons) doesn’t fit into the current pace of battles.


  • The number of shells in the burst increased from 7 to 10.
  • Damage and heating from each hit in the burst reduced by 30%.
  • Now the spread increases more as the burst is fired, but it stops increasing when the weapon is rotating.

Comment: the effectiveness of the revolver is too high. The edit preserves the possible total damage, but stretches it to a larger number of projectiles and complicates its implementation (including the perk that requires hitting all projectiles in the queue).

Spark III

  • Damage frequency reduced by 25%.
  • Damage increased by 46%.
  • Negative effect of the perk reduced from 7.5% to 4%.
  • Negative effect stacks up to 15 times (instead of 8).

Comment: now “Spark” is more often used in a single copy (as an auxiliary weapon that quickly inflicts the maximum negative effect on the enemy). With these changes, we want to make this weapon more independent: it will now take longer for the maximum negative effect to be applied, but the damage will be significantly higher during this time.

Apollo IV

Durability increased from 363 pts. to 427 pts.

Comment: edits are related to the fact that the generator is destroyed much more often than the “Thor-6S”, which affects its demand and effectiveness.


  • Added perk: after 10 hits on the enemy, fires an armour-piercing projectile that penetrates ap to 3 structure pins without losing damage. Each miss reduces the number of accumulated hits.
  • The mechanics of firing without overheating have been preserved.

Comment: the weapon’s effectiveness is insufficient when compared to “Miller”. The special projectile, as in the case of the “Miller”, has an increased impulse.


Charge consumption now stops/doesn’t start if there is nothing to restore (i.e. all attached parts have full durability, or there are none at all).

Comment: thanks to this change, the cabin’s charge will no longer be wasted.


Now the cooldown time of drones that had the perk active at the time of destruction is reduced by 35%.

Comment: with this change we compensate for the lack of efficiency of the cabin in conjunction with the drones.

CC-18 Typhoon

  • Reload time reduced from 7 to 6 sec.
  • The negative effect of the perk is now 30% (instead of 40%), and its duration is 2.5 sec. (instead of 3 sec.).

Comment: the reasons for changing the reload time are similar to “Tsunami” and “Mammoth”. A slight weakening of the negative effect of the cannon’s perk is related to the fact that it will now be applied more often.

RL-9 Helicon

Now, instead of seconds of projectile flight (0.75 sec.), the meters travelled by the projectile (180 m.) are used to activate the perk.

Comment: the change should make it easier for the perk to interact with the projectile speed upgrade, as well as with the perk of the “Steppe spider” cabin.

Flash I

  • Damage frequency reduced by 25%.
  • Damage increased by 46%.
  • The negative effect of the perk reduced from 5% to 3.5%.
  • The negative effect now stacks up to 17 times (instead of 12).

Comment: these changes are similar to the changes for “Spark”.


  • The weapon now deals 3.5 times more damage to bumpers and passive melee weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused disks to disappear when they hit water.

Comment: the melee type of damage is a feature of the “Ripper”, which allows it to deal full damage to parts that let damage through. Because of this feature, it loses too much effectiveness when its disks hit bumpers and passive melee weapons that have high resistance.

Optimization of bonuses for the part upgrade system

Made numerous changes to the “Power” and “Handling” upgrade categories to make the possible bonuses more useful. A number of bonuses were replaced with new ones, and those that were insufficiently effective were amplified.

The old bonuses of the already upgraded parts were replaced automatically.

  • The improvement in tonnage of all movement parts increased to +10%.
  • Mass limit upgrade from engines increased to +10%.
  • Recharge boosters: added effectiveness improvement (+10%).
  • Cabins:
    • instead of damage from self-destruction, added a bonus to the built-in radar and radio: +200 m (for the “Hippogriff” cabin — +15% to all radar parameters).
    • instead of the explosion radius from self-destruction, a added a new bonus: +3 km/h to speed.
    • the reduction in time to self-destruction is now -30%.
    • upgrade to the cabin tonnage increased to +15%.
  • In all weapons, unless otherwise noted:
    • Reload time upgrade increased to -10%.
    • Rotation speed upgrade increased to +30%.
    • Ammunition upgrade increased to +50%.
    • Hit impulse upgrade increased to +50%.
  • Added the “spread stability” upgrade: this includes the old “increase spread below” and “aim speed”, and also affects the increase in spread from speed and turning.
  • The logic for the “time to overheat” upgrade has been reworked: it no longer affects the maximum time to cooling.
  • “Vector”, “Sinus-0”, “Spectre-2”, “Aspect”, “Punisher”, “ST-M23 Defender”, “M-25 Guardian”, “M-29 Protector”, “M-32 Vindicator”, “ST-M26 Tackler”:
    • replaced “spread increase” with “spread stability +12%”.
    • replaced “aim speed” with “scatter -17%”.
  • “M-37 Piercer”, “M-38 Fidget”, “M-39 Imp”: replaced “aim speed” with “spread stability +12%”.
  • “MG13 Equalizer” and “MG14 Arbiter”: replaced “aim speed” with “barrel spool-up time -35%”.
  • “Miller”:
    • the damage upgrade now also affects blast damage as well.
    • replaced “spread increase” with “projectile speed +15%”.
    • replaced “recoil” with “barrel spool-up time -35%”.
  • “Reaper”:
    • replaced “barrel spool-up time” (moved to the “handling” category) with “penetration ability +20%”.
    • replaced “ammo” with “projectile speed +15%”.
    • replaced “recoil” with “barrel spool-up time -35%”.
    • players who had an upgrade for barrel spool-up in the “power” category will receive a replacement — increased damage in the “power” category and barrel spool-up in the “handling” category.
  • “AC43 Rapier”, “AC50 Storm”, “AC72 Whirlwind”, “AC80 Stillwind”:
    • replaced “spread increase” with “spread stability +12%”.
    • replaced “recoil” with “projectile speed +15%”.
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +10%”.
  • “AC62 Therm”, “AC64 Joule”, “Cyclone”, “AA Gun-4 Starfall”:
    • replaced “recoil” with “projectile speed +15%”.
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +10%”.
  • “Tempest”, “Whirl”: replaced “recoil” with “rate of fire +10%”.
  • “Sledgehammer”, “Mace”, “Thunder”, “Thunderbolt”, “Breaker”, “Spitfire”, “Leech”, “Rupture”, “Gravastar”: replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +10%”.
  • “Goblin”, “Gremlin”: replaced “recoil” with “rate of fire +10%”.
  • “Judge 76mm”, “Prosecutor 76mm”, “Executioner 88mm”, “BC-17 Tsunami”, “CC-18 Typhoon”, “AM-5 Avalanche”:
    • replaced “blast radius increase” with “penetration ability +20%”.
    • replaced “recoil” with “spread -17%”.
  • “Little Boy 6LB”, “ZS-33 Hulk”, “Elephant”, “ZS-34 Fat Man”, “ZS-46 Mammoth”, “ZS-52 Mastodon”: replaced “spread” with “spread stability + 12%”.
  • “Nagual”:
    • the damage upgrade now also affects blast damage as well.
    • replaced “blast radius increase” with “penetration ability +20%”.
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “range +15%”.
    • replaced “spread increase” with “spread stability +12%”.
  • “Median”:
    • replaced “impulse from hit” with “penetration ability +20%”.
    • replaced “recoil” with “spread stability +12%”.
  • “Yongwang”: replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +25%”.
  • “GL-55 Impulse”, “Retcher”, “Thresher”: replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +10%”.
  • Wasp”, “Pyralid”, “Locust”, “Cricket”: replaced “ammunition” with “rate of fire +25%”.
  • “Snowfall”:
    • replaced “blast radius increase” with “charge time -20%”.
    • replaced “spread” with “rate of fire +25%”.
  • “Waltz”:
    • replaced “blast radius increase” with “charge time -20%”.
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +25%”.
    • replaced “ammunition” with “rocket rotation radius -20%”.
  • “RL-9 Helicon”:
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +25%”.
    • replaced “ammunition” with “spread stability +12%”.
  • “RA-1 Heather”: replaced “rotation speed” with “projectile flight speed +25%”.
  • “Nest”:
    • replaced “blast radius increase” with “charge time -20%”.
    • replaced “ammunition” with “rate of fire +25%”.
  • Replaced “Max. projectile life time” with “time until projectile self-destructs -15%”.
  • “Spike-1”: “impulse from hit” increased to 30%.
  • “Toadfish”:
    • “impulse from hit” increased to 30%.
    • replaced “ammunition” with “rate of fire +25%”.
  • “Varun”: replaced “impulse from hit” with “reloading time -40%”.
  • “Incinerator”:
    • now the upgrade increases not only the damage of the puddle, but also the damage from the projectile explosion.
    • replaced “spread” with “fire puddle lifetime +2 sec.”.
  • “Mandrake”:
    • the damage upgrade now also affects the damage of the fire puddles as well.
    • replaced “spread” with “spread stability +12%”.
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “projectile flight speed +15%”.
    • replaced “spread” with “fire puddle lifetime +3 sec.”.
  • “Emily”:
    • replaced “spread increase” with “spread stability +12%”.
    • replaced “aim speed” with “projectile speed +15%”.
  • “Corvo”: replaced “aim speed” with “rotation speed +30%”.
  • “Summator”, “Argument”: replaced “range of fire” with “projectile speed +25%”.
  • “Astraeus”:
    • replaced “impulse from hit” with “penetration ability +20%”.
    • replaced “spread” with “spread stability +12%”.
  • “Kaiju”: replaced “reloading” with “penetration ability +20%”.
  • “Scorpion”:
    • replaced “impulse from hit” with “projectile damage loss rate -10%”.
    • replaced “ammunition” with “spread stability +12%”.
  • “Thyrsus I”:
    • added the “penetration ability +20%” upgrade to the “power” category
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “rate of fire +25%”.
  • “Porcupine”:
    • the damage upgrade now also affects the damage of the fire puddles as well.
    • replaced “ammunition” with “fire puddle lifetime +2 sec.”.
  • “Ripper”:
    • replaced “spread” with “lifetime of a stuck disk +3 sec.”.
    • replaced “ammunition” with “rotation speed +30%”.
    • “Projectile speed” upgrade increased to 25%.
  • “Aurora”:
    • replaced “barrel spool-up time” (moved to “Handling”) with “damage +5%”.
    • replaced “rotation speed” with “barrel spool-up time -35%”.
    • players who had an upgrade for barrel spool-up in the “Power” category will receive a replacement — increased damage in the “power” category and barrel spool-up in the “Handling” category.
  • “Blockchain”: replaced “aim speed” with “spread stability +12%”.
  • “Athena”:
    • the damage upgrade now also affects blast damage as well.
    • replaced “spread” with “spread stability +12%”.
    • replaced “aim speed” with “parts heating rate +30%”.
  • “Assembler”:
    • added the “penetration ability +20%” upgrade.
    • replaced “range of fire” with “spread -17%”.
  • “Skinner”: “cable wind up speed” increased to 50%.
  • “Fortune”: replaced “ammunition” with “rate of fire +25%”.

Improved vehicle position synchronization

Probably a lot of players have encountered a situation where, as you drive past the corner of a building, your car stops abruptly and can’t drive any further until you move backwards. This is caused by the desynchronization of the player’s position on the client and server: to the player it seems that his car is “hold by the air”, while for other players it crashed into the wall. The greater the movement speed and ping, the higher the probability of getting into such a situation.

We have made changes that should speed up the synchronization of the position, and thus minimize the amount of such problems.


Improved the collision models for a number of parts:

  • Sinus-0;
  • Assembler;
  • TS-1 Horizon;
  • Neutrino;
  • Gravastar;
  • Emily;
  • Arothron.

  • On the exhibition, added a filter by vehicle blueprint type to the “Own” and “Liked” tabs.
  • Now it is possible to activate the free camera in the “Game center” mode settings. The key (or combination of keys) responsible for activation of the free camera can be configured in the “Key bindings” menu. You can also activate the free camera in the test drive mode.
  • Now in the “Custom battle” lobby for PvP-missions you can select the type of vehicle you will participate in the mode (armoured car, armoured aircraft or leviathan), if such an option is available for the selected mode. In case of leviathans, you can select no more than 1 leviathan per team.
  • Pop-up notifications are now displayed in the lower right corner of the garage screen, and only if there are no additional windows open. If any other windows are open, all notifications are automatically sent to the Notification center.
  • Now, when selecting an armoured aircraft slot, the weapon and module settings window displays the layout for armoured aircraft.
  • For new maps (Wolf outpost, Gates of the Valley, Sanctuary, Air harbour) added display of correct regions of their location on the world map.
  • Changed the display of the perk for the “M-29 Protector” and “M-25 Guardian” machine guns.
  • Improved the appearance of the characteristics and trading windows for parts and resources.
  • Improved display of mode conditions on the world map.

  • Updated the garage playlist. Will be active during the New Year’s event.
  • Updated the sounds of the “MG14 Arbiter” minigun.
  • Updated the sounds of the “ZS-46 Mammoth” cannon.
  • Improved the sounds of winter weather in the in-game locations.
  • Improved the sounds of the “AC50 Storm” autocannon.
  • Implemented changes to the weapon sound balance.

  • Now the armoured vehicle does not receive a hit impulse if the projectile hits an active energy shield.
  • Players no longer get disconnected from the “Invasion” mode after changing the number of players in the battle.
  • For optimization purposes, raider vehicles for PvP missions have been updated.
  • Added special patches for armoured aircraft for victories in different types of PvP missions.
  • Now, when firing both barrels of the “AA Gun-4 Starfall”, 2 shells fly out.
  • Now you can turn on the headlights on the “Humpback” cabin.
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  • Fixed a bug due where the perk of the “Steppe spider” cabin only affected 1 “RL-9 Helicon” rocket.
  • Fixed a bug where, at a certain camera position, pipes could disappear on the “Peaceful atom” map.
  • Fixed a number of bugs where it was possible to get stuck in environmental objects on the “Volcano” map.
  • Fixed bugs that made it possible to fly out of locations using an armoured aicraft:
    • Wrath of Khan.
    • Syndicate garage.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to environmental objects:
    • Nameless tower.
    • Eastern array.
    • Desert valley.
    • Naukograd.
    • “Copperhead stadium” garage.
    • Horsemen of Apocalypse garage.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and implemented a number of corrections for the “Bedlam” mode locations.
  • Fixed a bug where a half of the base was located under terrain on the “Desolate town” map.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused low-clearance vehicles to cling to the surface when driving on the “Air harbour” map.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the “AC80 Stillwind” projectiles to not fly out of the gun barrel when fired.
  • Fixed a bug where the range rocket turret would make the sound of machine gun fire.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the table with the final score / battle results via the “Game center” to move to the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect position of the current season logo on battle results screen.
  • Fixed a bug where triggering the player context menu in the leaderboards interface might not work if the table had been open for a while.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the clan member list filters to not work when switching to the previous season.
  • Fixed a bug where changing screen resolution caused the levels to disappear from the season scale.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Night” dynamic range setting might not work (“Settings” — “Audio”).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Parser” shotgun to have almost no spread when used on an armoured aircraft.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could get stuck in environmental objects (raid - “Gone in two minutes”, map - “Cursed mines”).
  • Fixed a bug where clan tags might not be displayed in the “Game center”.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a window with information about leviathans to be shown while viewing an exhibition or blueprints if the leviathan slot was active at that time.

and ofc main topic new relic gen that as i know was not even in Test server.

And of course they’re removing yet another map from bedlam. They’ve already removed 3, and we’re left with the shitty maps. Thanks Gaijin.

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I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion of the relic generator.
Seems like it will really shake up CW and high PS PVP.
I doubt I’ll have one any time soon, but looking forward to seeing it in action.

There was… on Discord… ton of comments already since “leak” about relic gen being true from GM in rus chat.

Thats why i bought 200 ura before. Also expected new gen to be 2 thor and 2 pegasus but i guessed only 50% -.-

How many ps is the new generator? 2400? 3000? In my opinion, 3000 PS for the generator is too exaggerated, I think that 2000 or 2200 or 2400 would be enough, since, for example: in raids you have a maximum of 15999 ps to be able to play normally, since if you exceed 15999 ps the game becomes tremendously difficult, I understand that it is the beauty of the difficulty, but I feel that you cannot take advantage of the builds 100%, it limits the creativity of creating the vehicles, something similar happens with the pvp battles although there it is more understandable since you are going against the AI ​​and against players.
I think that increasing the ps limit for raids to 16999 or reducing the generator ps to 2000/2200/2400 may be a good idea to balance a little better and not limit the creation of vehicles so much.

I do not approve of the relic generator. This will widen the gap even further now.


I wouldn’t mind if it was in a BP or mini BP but instead, they make that you had to have bought old BPs to even craft it, and plus uranium

Ya know, it’s apathetically sickening that there was a paid pass that gave 2 thors with all these options of stuff players have dreamed of fusing for for years. The giving of what players wanted. Then taking what you used to build those dreams and shoving in your face something you “must acquire” out of your range because you’ve invested into things you’ve wanted without knowledge of a new release. Here’s something you can’t acquire because of a rigged inner circle of cw.

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I hear ya. There is no “catching up” in this game. It’s just like, by the time you do finally get the great, talked-about stuff, it then gets nerfed. Half my stuff got trashed from this latest “upgrade”. Seems like every time they add new stuff to the game, everything else has to be rebalanced, and never in my favor. Logged on this morning, found out I had to rebuild 8 cars because they were suddenly “overweight”. Tired of this crap.


The carrot they dangle on the stick keeps us running. I’m sorry to hear about your struggle.

I quit this game because I don’t think it’s worth it anymore. I’m sick of this P2W bullshit.

CW and relics are already a Catch-22. You need Relics to get to Bronze and earn Uranium. But you need uranium to craft Relics. Sprinkle in the items from a previous BP, and this generator is now a P2W item.

I wanted this game to thrive with a massive playerbase, but it doesn’t deserve that now.

I never liked the Expiring blueprints from this battlepasses. This generator gives me another reason to dislike them.

I’m voting with my time and money.


The silver lining to the relic generator is that it will push the CW players into a much higher PS range, which should make mid PS more chill for the rest of us.
I don’t need the generator, so it doesn’t bother me that it will be out of my reach. Let the serious players worry about that, and hopefully it will raise their PS so much that I won’t be playing against them so often.

I wish I shared your optimism.
It will make CW even more unplayable. In PC, the lower rungs of the ladder are gone. The PS might be decompressed for a little bit, until people stop playing at those PS, the whales will min-max their builds and make their way to more populated PS ranges and make the mode more miserable.

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We can trade stabz but no un-fuse event yet? I wonder when it’ll arrive

8 pins long, 4 pins wide by 2 pins height.
also its like almost 90k on ps4 LOL the materials required (generators and stillwinds i believe) are all 9k each as well. uranium has gone up to over 900 each as well. dunno how to feel about that but holy crap that price increase!

the generator is pretty big… well… long really. 8 pins long. so hiding one of those things on a build will be a challenge in and of itself.

yep my car is like 500 overweight and its my raid build. its stupid of them to make the expanded ammo packs weigh that much all because they think people use them as armor. they also ruined my aurora to and im really in a sour mood over that.

CW is already that way, which is why I don’t participate in it. I really don’t care what happens to CW.

If you reread my comment, it was specifically about how it will impact PVP. I think everything I said about that stands.

Right after they get people to spend on fusing everything… lol

I might be able to profit from it though, we will see… I’m not even having to gamble much coins

I figured I’d upgrade a batch of Atoms as they are fairly cheap right now and I use them anyway. Plus everyone keeps crying for a buff. So I picked up another batch of 8 early in the morning not long after the event launched. -mass, -power drain isn’t bad for them for an upgrade.

Trying to figure out what to do with 16x of them while waiting for their day to come up. lol.