* PC..Resoures--sell prices slashed in half---Why Devs?

wires use to sell at 16 coin for 100 units(now stuck at 8 or 6)
same with the rest…

these prices have not gone up since a few updates ago…
what’s going on?

'you need to Nerf the Market too ? :crazy_face:

its just like on xbox, the market is ran by the players not the devs

not true,players would want more coin not less. i see what ur thinkin though.

trust me big clans or ppl with multiple accounts will have stuff lowered to buy very cheap with main account nd when then obtain a great amount watch the prices go back up nd they will be making 10’s of thousands, hence known as account boosting and a way to get around the market bot

but Why ?
i can’t see why to put that much effort into Nothing…
i think it’s another way to make people spend real money…
it was fine before and fun to grind and sell…

now it’s just sad and boring.

also by bots to dont forget. a perfect example of this was i was trying to sell my typhoon for 33k well anytime id put in an offer literally 5 seconds after i put it in a bot would bid 1 penny below mine up until i lowered it to 30k. if i went lower then 30k it would do nothing. if i even went a penny above 30k it would bid a penny below me. i experimented around all day with that and even after a few hours i raised the price back up to 33k and not 10 seconds passed when, you guessed it, some bot bid a penny below me.
in a way, yes, it is controlled by the players, but also its not controlled by the players cause bots come in and artificially lower the prices.

not many people doing pvp atm maybe? that or people are dumping the wires and stuff because of the update coming that changes everything about energy?
they used to be 18 - 23 coins per 100 on a good day but ive seen some things dropping in price while others go way up.
i know copper went up and scrap dropped a bit.

wires are sitting at 12 coins atm on ps4.
electronics are at 9 coins when they used to be 10 - 12 coins per 10
batteries are 4.58 per 10 which is the normal.
plastic is at 85 almost 86 coins per 100. i dont think it would be that high if the raids went back to being randoms every time.
scrap is down to 5.48 per 100 and it used to be 10 coins per 100 at least.
fuel is going up. was 7 coins per 100 now its 11 coins per 100.
and copper is sitting at 6 coins per 100.

i guess it dropped because of an over abundance of resources?

how would u know if its a bot lowering the price did u buy to actually find out, no u didnt so ur assuming when i dont assume cuz i have bought nd quick sold to find out the answer

then who in their right mind would camp the market place and wait for someone to bid then 10 seconds after bid lower then them constantly?

i am not going to bother buying and quick selling a relic, that would be VERY expensive.
its safe to assume its a bot because if it is someone camping the market place just to outbid someone by a damn penny for hours on end then it goes to show that some people truly have no lives.

many ppl will to to annoy ppl that constantly watch the market just post it nd leave it cuz u will sell it, patience pays off

the only issue with this is that the offer you put in the market place cancels itself after a day if its not sold. relics tend to take a while to sell and… well… its just a pain having to babysit it every day. funny thing is i dont ever remember it cancelling itself before… am i wrong about that?

Five days.
When i sell or buy, my offers stands for ± 5 days.
last couple of toys i got this way, sometimes i have to make the same offer multiple times.
But for time now i don’t ask or pay the listed price, some of my lances i got this way, less 2o coins or so per piece.

really? the offers i do only last a day at most then its either back in my inventory or my offers cancelled if im buying something. maybe the game just doesnt like what im buying and says “nah dude you dont need that, leeeeeeets just cancel that” lol.
next time i make an offer ill time it and see how long its on offer for. i sometimes had offers in there for like 2 days or so but… idk it seems wonky to me. ill keep track of it next time im in the market for something though.


Do you buy and sell a lot?

I think the run of special events we’ve had for the past bunch of months has flooded the market for some resources.

And it’s possible that low prices on those specific resources could have motivated players to focus their PVP and PVE on the other resources, depressing their prices as well.

Could also be players crafting less, and needing fewer resources. As to why they might be crafting less, I would guess that many of us are getting enough new stuff from BPs and other events that we don’t feel the need?

Are item prices lower too? Seems like some are, but some seem much higher than they should be.

mmmmmmmm not really? i mean… i have pretty much every weapon id use. if i want to id usually make or buy a new one or get one from an event to have two. but its rare. i do sell some cheap stuff on the market though like the wheels just to get that “sell something on the market” mission done. other then that i dont really buy or sell much.

i mean… they have given an abundance of resources from the events to. not a whole lot but enough id say. not to mention i think people are trying to save up for the next huge update so they can buy new weapons and stuff or craft new weapons so they have a set. the most ive made from this event so far is a jotun and a rune. from the mini pass ill be making 1 or two extra thors to sell later on when the price goes up on em.