People like this starting to pss me off

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At least the player didn’t hide their profile, give him that much credit i guess.

‘they work for the company’. that’s my guess.

‘you can’t have 30 engineer and 15 faction across the board,impossible’


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Could it be a promo somehow?

nope cuz if it was all new parts would show but they dont, bud has 28 days played

Not proof he is cheating.

why dont you actually watch it and see instead of trying to defend something your not fully seeing

Because it’s easier to ignore it and point to literally anything else because that’s what people do online to try and seem smarter but in reality they just want attention.

It seems like to me that the only legitimate way to have everything in the game, without buying or crafting anything (zero market purchases, one conspicuous market sale, and only eleven items crafted), is to have been awarded a promo account. The guy has only made 111 kills, too. IDK how you would level up all your factions to 15 with that little activity. It doesn’t add up at all, none of it.

It’s an impossible account. It had to be fabricated from the inside with the help of the developers, or it’s something more nefarious, but what?

I would think that one could sell an account like this to somebody who might actually use it.

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but if it was a promo account even all the new stuff would be lit but their not their still blacked out

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Even without using many flags I was way over that amount when clearing all the sub factions.

I think I have the lowest counts from lack of free flag usage:

I just still have the flags.

My f2p acc


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You have too do 15 on the extra’s but that’s still impressive.

Was just for reference, but the account in the video has barely played any matches, it must be some kind of promo.

I get that but the scores wildly vary.

its not a promo account if it was the new stuff wouldnt be blacked out still, look closer then the matches crap

plus 28 days played ya doubt that

I passed lvl 20 in 2 days.

At the time I had just lost my job and it was like the first 2 days off I had in a while. All I did was play this all night and day for the first few days.

the main point is in the fkn collection area with the blackout parts, if it was a promo account they would be lit up