* Perks and what would be a more useful perk? 😲

i want to know who travels at over 80km and needs a wep spread reduced?
what would be a better or proper perk?
'this is just an example,show us your perk issues ’

Near Infinite durability like epic wheels have. Tracks are so useless for general use until wheels get their durability nerfed. You just cant shoot the damn things off without disintegrating their entire vehicle. Meanwhile Augers, Omnis, Tracks, hovers, etc just pop right off as they should. Meanwhile dogs with 5 wheels are chad Jerry from that one Tom & Jerry episode.

That perk is great for arbiters and imps. A skilled MG player could make use of it as well. It would work well with hit and run junkbow-line-of-guns too. I agree there are a bunch of useless perks, epscially on tracks, but that is actually a pretty decent (albeit not used by many) perk.

What would you change it to, mud?

i don’t know yet lol
it doesn’t help much with maces wedge.
i just posted it figuring others might have a Perk on their builds that could use a change.

Honestly all the track perks feel like a slapped on hindsight with 0 consideration to anything outside “We need to add some random perk to this thing”

Honestly I would just take away all perks from movement parts in general so that people could just use whatever they want on a build to move, as movement has not even been fun after supercharged and speed nerfs

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I would buff the % to 25 or 30% and lower the speed requirement to 70. Still wouldnt be OP but might make people consider using them for the perk, over other epic options.

30% on arbiters and imps would probably be insane. 30% means a 30% narrower cone. Meaning you could get the same results 30% further away. Imps spraying in long burst from 100m stripping your Scorps would bring the nerf hammer down id imagine. Arbiters hitting 95% of their bullets from 200m would shred a hover in seconds.

I think the perk percentage is good.

All that being said, i love the idea of buffing things that are out of the meta into the meta. Sometimes that means overbuffing them to get the community’s ball rolling.

I upvote buffing to 30%. Let small track builds infest the meta, preferably the CW meta as well (as in some pub star PvP builds wilt in CWs)

Sidethought: Torero Jay Small track breaker build with omamori and finwhale. Semi auto sniper rifle with CQC capabilities??

There are very few who can effectively drive at speed and still maintain aim. If you take a straight line to a target, sure, but that also makes it easy for them to hit you. Small tracks with fin also prevent full utilization of fins perk. Because small tracks dont mesh with engines, I think it is reasonable to make them stronger at face value than others, that may sync up to outperform in the long run.