Perks should be removed from movement parts

Is what i think.

That would give more freedom to us, perks should be in a module that we could mount in our builds. This way we wouldn’t lose the perk if we want to change movement parts.
All my games in crossout were made with wheels, up until very recently. I’m playing with tracks now…and they are so much better than wheels…especially after what the devs did with them.
I’m converting my main SG build from wheels to tracks.
Today i went back to my go to traditional builds and they feel undrivable, huge oversteer, i’m constantly bumping into things, i can’t drive in a strait line, only in Sss losing control soon after… a nightmare. Or i can go super slow… but that is missing the point.
But prior to this.
Having movement parts with perks, will tie us to that specific movement part, maybe not the most adequate for that whatever build, maybe it would look better with other movement part or with other movement part whatever build would be more in line to what we would expect from it ( beauty/functionality).

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I think wheel perks should only relate to the wheel itself, like extra grip, armour wheel with damage resistance, better handling etc, perks like that


I don’t mind the movement parts having perks but I would really like to have module perk slots on cabs to be able to more customize their usage. Things like radar extenders, radar jammers, Turbos, nitro kits, cloak extenders or refreshers… Mostly stuff that wouldn’t qualify as a module or part in itself but that could be fun to use. The amount of slots could be delegated via rarity…

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No. I am against homogenization of movement parts.

I kinda like this idea, but what about co-drivers? weren’t they supposed to act sort of like that? I’m not sure they do, but they could…if they hadn’t already abandoned that feature.

I’m not crazy about the new set-up, and wished the perks they brought into the cab were more relevant. Some of them are stupid and don’t really work for much, even though they each have several perks. They seem to have managed to give them some of the most irrelevant perks they could imagine…which was fine, that each one was sort of eclectic, but they told us they would introduce more of them, and yet they haven’t added crap to that feature in a long time…ever? Instead they remove the one perk I was interested in (rotation speed-Billy). Why? This is another indirect nerf to wheels and tracks, like they needed another downside. It’s exhausting.

They sure have had plenty of opportunities to introduce more co-drivers, with all the events and Battle Passes, yet they just ignore it, like they do so many other things.

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Within game design they are kind of the same thing just with different names and abilities. Like if we wanted to do nitro we could just attach it to any other available game object. I can make this a really short message as it’s all very much the same concept.

I would like this a lot, feels like the current perks limit building and usage so much because you wanna use that movement part? Well too bad you’re using this other gun that benefits only from 1 type of movement part and absolutely needs that buff to even be any amounts of viable so tough luck, use that movement part or else

Perks should be removed from movement parts

So hovers will loose “flying/hovering” perk XD

I wouldn’t mind seeing them lose their resistance to tipping over.

'I wouldn’t mind seeing them gone… :kissing_heart:

‘Thanks Devs’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This forum needs to add dislike buttons.

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so you can have the most dislikes on the forum? :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
then i agree !

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