Petition swap the new AA gun to burst fire

Automatic fire is just OP on it, that said I like how fast it fires… so a good compromise would be making it burst fire I would suggest 4 round bursts with 1 to 1.5 seconds between them.

then it wouldn’t be useful as an ‘anti aircraft gun’ now would it?


Taxpayer: :pensive:

Depends some fire in bursts.

Just get good

Point missed, it is a common statement in teh game that right now they are OP, doesn’t mater how good you are they will body you and, the worse they are the more likely they are to do max damage.

I doubt they’ll nerf what is practically the only weapon in this battlepass

The gun is garbage at top PS. Things that will beat it: Everything. Almost literally

Um. I want to hold down the trigger and fire as many freedoms per minute as possible. And be rewarded for missing. Because everyone should get a trophy.

they do every season, one of the weapons is always OP as hell and gets a heavy nerf just in time for the f2p players to get it.

ive tested the gun in the range and the bullets dont behave properly. i fired as close to my vehicle and other test targets as i could. they detonate near the cabin almost constantly, but fire at parts on the vehicle away from the cabin and the bullets just seem to not explode that often or are picky when they want to explode. they dont really work as advertised.