Picking builds before PvP missions

Simple, I wish I could pick a build in PvP missions just like we do in CWs.

3 build slots and if you don’t pick a build before the match starts then you have the build in your first slot picked for you.

No additional time added before match starts, so no one can complain that it takes longer to start playing.

It takes like 1 second to pick a car.

We also had it in Arena and it worked out awesome.

You really want to optimize any fun and risk out? Havin a build not suitable for the map is part of the challenge, you shall not overspecialize :wink:

This would make games more fun.

For example, people always complain about only fighting rush. But if people could change to range on maps like crater then you might have more variety in types of battles you fight.


Your idea will give whales yet another advantage while hurting newer players.

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Opposite? If you are on crater and everybody switches to AC and cloaked melees you would have zero variation?

What PS do you play at?

A lot of things I agree with you on, but this time I’ll have to disagree RoughMonkey

I agree


And yet I have to agree again

The randomness of the maps is one thing that makes this game challenging and fun

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What PS do you play at?

All of them, from 3k under to 10k plus, you?

I don’t normally play that low. 3k - 10k is low to mid tier. I almost exclusively play high PS between 14k-20k.

So maybe this is something lower tier players would not want. But guys at my level have the gear.

So let’s say high PS battles get to choose? Maybe like 12k+

you get to choose whether you want to play with yourself or not.

What are you going on about?

Mandrake players on Sector EX be like:

No, its not a peasant prblem you are to high level to understand. Thats you overoptimizing.

Why is Sector EX still a thing? That map should’ve been removed from rotation long ago.

Well I like playing on the ground, and monkeys like playing in the tree, so maybe the tree players (12k plus) could do your idea, just like you suggested

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I disagree, it’s a fine map but could be improve by making it bigger so you’re not forced to play in the center of it all the time


Honestly, it is a good map but only for low PS when that map was made “high PS” was not a think, epic cabins didn’t even exist yet…

The map is absolute horrid to manuever whit anything higher than 9k;
The corridors and doors are thin, the “doors” can have two “light” builds at the same time, same for the top walk-ways, but the corridors are so tin that only a singular build of any size can go in and totally block it for everyone…

And the map is 80% roof/covered area, which happens to make quite a considerate ammount of weapons
Completelly completelly useless…

It is agood map, well designed, good verticality(puting into consideration this is a vehicular combat game), but it is severelly out-dated considering all the changes/ new things we have now…

I’m pretty sure We had Humpback, Quantum and Steppe Spider when that map came out.

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Actually, we had quite a few epic cabins when Sector X came out, did you mean legendary cabins? Cause I started in late 2016 and we had epic cabins back then!

Thus why I said make it bigger so you aren’t stuck always going through the building, but make it so you could go around it also!