Piercing the Storm

Piercers vs Storms.

Wich one is better?

Depends on your playstyle. Sniper? Storms are better. Like more up-in-your-face action? Use Piercers.

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I know everyone prefers their playstyle, but in helping the team win the game wich would be better?

i’m still wondering why u even asked this :crazy_face:

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Is it because it is a no brainer or is it because you see a motivation behind the question?

Again, depends what you’re best with. Are you a good sniper, or do you prefer to rush?

Nebo school furries: “play whatever your best at”
Dont mind how you grade.

If you play with a weapon you’re shit with, you’re going to be of 0 worth to your team. After reading your responses to my very simple logic, it’s no wonder you couldn’t understand the Omni nerf.

Playing with a weapon you’re good with will help your team. And these weapons you’re good with always correspond with your playstyle. Are you a rusher or a sniper?

Rusher = Piercers
Sniper = Storms

Problem solved.

We are talking about the difference in sniper vs close range weapons here buddy, what do omni wheels have to do with that?

btw its funny how i went to the toilet , baked a pizza, fed my cats, taking half an hour in total, but when i posted, i immediatly saw your name 1 second later typing up a reply, were you waiting for me or something?

No, I just had the forums open while playing the game, got a neat paint from recycling (made a post on that), and say you said something new.

I see, my mistake then.
But dont bring up past grievances in current posts please.

I don’t see the storm as a viable weapon for its powerscore. Its more that other things, namely MGs and shotguns outclass it and strip them with ease.

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When i played at storm power scores, I destroyed with them. While they probably arent the best if the competition was smart, I didnt find much smart competition.

That’s only if they get close. Storms are snipers. Kill them before they get to you