Planes in crossout

yes you hear it planes flying automobiles whatever u call them but i want them in crossout
not just for fun but for the ability to make ur OWN PLANE whit jet engines rocket boosters afterburners flaps wings whatever u can think of and boy oh boy it would be fun if u were able to make em speedy am i right?



Put whatever you want in the Heli mode, it’s already a joke

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I suggest you try Kerbal Space Program or Besiege instead :eyes:


now i have to go play more KSP dam you. See you in 2 months.


Please, no planes in crossout. First off, the maps are too small and secondly, copters already decimated the artistic builds that used to be prevalent in bedlam. There’s plenty of other air combat games out there.

be fun if there was a train than ran around the map we could get on and fire the weps it had on it,and jump off into our own builds if we needed…but just no planes :shushing_face:

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Just put thrusters on a copter. it is close enough.

That’s probably where I’d go with it too. Though it might be good to have more options for thrust outside of just boosters.

I think the physics would be hard for the game to pull off well. It could be faked easily but wouldn’t be very good. As they’d have to work in lift and drag onto every part which would be a nightmare to deal with.

No, go away and play your planes in any other game.

Oh I agree, but full on planes would require reworks of ALL maps, as even teh helicopter mode isn’t big enough for that.

This said, other Vtol type things like osprey wings would be nice.

Just imagine Vtol thrusters like the harrier gunships have.

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A ducted fan might be interesting for thrust too or a horizontal hover thruster… Just so there is a way to offset the directional thrust without having to hold a button down like with a booster.

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I think there’s a game that has planes, trains, tanks but no automobiles already.

I don’t want more flying anything, nor new X part. I want Balance changes.

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I wouldn’t mind a few more flying parts but it’s mostly because I see the difference of flying ultra light vs flying heavier as far as some maneuverability goes. It would be helpful to be able to do some momentum offsets without boosters.

See I don’t think they’ll ever really have a really great balance, to me what they have is still playable. Though there are some odd things I find funky in terms of armoring in of weapons that I don’t think should be possible. Some of the lasers I think need to be brought into dmg spec but that’s not a big deal to me. There’s some physics issues that bug me too like small builds pushing tanks, I think that’s silly even when I’m in the small car doing the pushing though. Most of the games physics has some silliness to it though especially flying jumps off of things doing no damage, so have some trouble taking the game that seriously. I do enjoy pushing things off cliffs as a combat tactic…

Meanwhile, every CC game at 7k PS is Destructor squad with cam steering and 1 Gerrida armored up the ass.

I agree that most modes are playable… the ones with no decent rewards. U_U

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exactly that is kinda wr im going to