Planned balance changes of the upcoming update

Planned balance changes of the upcoming update

Hello, survivors!

Today we would like to present you a list of future balance changes that are planned to be implemented into the game with the next update. And at the end of the week, everyone will have the opportunity to try out these changes on a special test server.

Please note that all the balance changes specified in this news are relevant at the time of publication and may not be final or not get into the game at all. Certain additional changes, if necessary, can be made after the announcement.

Special parts


  • The maximum bonus of the perk is gained in 8 sec. (instead of 10 sec. earlier).
  • The perk bonus resets after 6 sec. (instead of 4 sec. earlier).

Comment: despite the introduction of the perk, the cabin’s efficiency remained low. These changes will make it easier to both activate the perk in combat and keep it active.


Explosion radius reduced by 28%.

Comment: before this change, both explosive Spears (“Boom” and “Lancelot”) were showing overestimated effectiveness. Now spears will deal damage in a more limited area, making it harder to instantly destroy an enemy vehicle.


Added a 56% efficiency improvement to the list of possible upgrades for the “Power” module.

Comment: useful upgrade similar to those of ammo packs. Added to the “Power” category.

Epic parts


  • Mass limit reduced from 8650 to 8500 kg.
  • The damage of all mounted weapons is initially reduced by 17% (instead of 15% earlier).

Comment: “Catalina” has firmly established itself as a versatile cabin with a fairly powerful perk. The cabin shows consistently high stats on all PS levels, and therefore we are making minor adjustments that will affect the overall durability of armoured vehicles with this cabin, as well as the total damage of the mounted weapons.


  • Weapon disabling effect now lasts 1.5 sec. (instead of 2 sec. earlier).
  • Module cooldown time increased from 16 sec. to 20 sec.

Comment: the module became too powerful in realities after the global changes of the “Road to singularity” update. This change should reduce its overall effectiveness by reducing the duration of its effect and the frequency of the module’s use.


Explosion radius reduced by 28%.


  • The maximum bonus of the perk is gained in 8 sec. (instead of 10 sec. earlier).
  • The perk bonus resets after 6 sec. (instead of 4 sec. earlier).

Comment: As with “Jockey”, the cabin’s effectiveness doesn’t match the expectations of other epic cabins. The changes will make it easier to use the cabin’s perk.

AC64 Joule

  • Durability increased from 238 to 262 pts.
  • Reduced the time to the autocannon’s cooldown by 25%.

Comment: in terms of overall efficiency, “Joule” loses even to its predecessor (AC62 Therm). These changes are aimed at improving the survivability and usability of this autocannon.


Increased the speed in leg mode from 45 to 55 km/h.

Comment: in the current realities, “Bigrams” cannot compete with “ML 200” and “Gerrida”. In order to increase their competitiveness, we have decided to increase their speed in the leg mode.

Steppe spider

  • The perk now reduces rocket damage by 15% (up from 20% previously).
  • Cabin speed increased from 68 to 75 km/h.
  • Mass reduced from 2900 to 1300 kg.
  • Durability reduced from 445 to 390 pts.
  • Mass limit reduced from 14500 to 12500 kg.
  • Power reduced by 10%.
  • The influence of mass on acceleration reduced by 28%.

Comment: with the current perk, vehicles with this cabin rarely use its mass limit parameter in full. Therefore, we are making the cabin lighter and making it more mobile, which is likely to be more relevant for its current and future owners. And a small change of its perk will increase the effectiveness of rocket launchers in conjunction with this cabin.


Increased the range of detection and neutralization of mines and projectiles from 30 to 60 m.

Comment: “Argus” is a highly specialized module, and in some cases its functions can be performed by other, more universal parts. We are improving its range of detection and neutralization of mines so that the module specifically created for these tasks performs them much better than those parts that were originally created for other purposes.

R-37-39 Adapter

Durability increased from 154 to 208 pts.

Comment: the weapon’s durability parameter was already low, and now, after the global change in part durability in the “Road to singularity” update, its low survivability against other parts has become even more noticeable.

GL-55 Impulse

  • Durability increased from 151 to 192 pts.
  • Projectile speed increased by 25%.
  • Improved accuracy:
  • Reduced the effect of vehicle speed on firing accuracy by 38%.
  • Spread after a shot reduced by 25%.
  • Aim speed increased by 2 times.

Comment: the successful implementation of the weapon’s perk is highly dependent on how often you hit enemies with projectiles, which, given the particular characteristics of their flight, is not an easy task. By improving accuracy, we make it easier to use the weapon’s perk. An increase in durability should increase the lifetime of the grenade launcher in battle conditions.


Damage increased by 8%.

Comment: a slight increase in damage should compensate for the grenade launcher’s insufficient overall effectiveness.


Now the cabin’s melee damage increases by 60% for every 100 m. traveled. Stacks up to 5 times.

Comment: survivors who actively play at 5000 — 6000 PS can confirm: the cabin is extremely effective there and, most often, it is used as an independent weapon. The change should correct the situation and increase the time it takes to gain the maximum bonus to damage on contact with the enemy.


While the weapon is active or while it’s reloading, the active time of other “Skinners” is reduced by 65%.

Comment: this change reduces the effectiveness of two or more “Skinners”, which allow you to hold the enemy indefinitely. The change doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the harpoon in any way if it is used in a single copy.

Legendary parts

M-32 Vindicator

  • Durability increased from 248 to 293 pts.
  • Maximum protection from the perk increased from 40% to 50%.

Comment: both for frontal machine guns, to which the “Vindicator” belongs, and in comparison to all other machine guns of the “legendary” rarity, this weapon has far too low survivability in battles.


Now the perk works similarly to the perk of “Cohort”: when activated, the cabin releases up to 3 drones, which increase the power of the cabins of visible allies.

Comment: the cabin now becomes more team-oriented, more useful for you and your allies as it allows you to activate the bonus for more players.


  • Now the weapon rotates around its axis.
  • Rotation speed increased by 25%.

Comment: the change makes the weapon more comfortable to use and expands the list of movement parts with which it can be used effectively.


Tonnage increased from 9100 to 12000 kg.

Comment: this edit should make the cabin less demanding to the amount of mounted movement parts. It will increase the mobility of the vehicle with the “Machinist” cabin and free a bigger amount of mass for the installation of other parts.


Damage area while the perk is active increased by 20%.

Comment: this change should increase the effectiveness of the saw when implementing its perk, as it will allow you to deal damage to the parts mounted deep inside the enemy’s vehicle.


Now taking damage doesn’t affect the part restoration rate.

Comment: according to the statistics, the perk is rarely fully implemented due to the peculiarities of its accumulation and implementation. While previously taking damage affected both charge recovery rate and parts recovery rate, now there will be no negative effects from taking damage.


  • Damage reduced by 7%.
  • Perk bonus damage reduced from 100% to 80%.

Comment: considering the simplicity of implementing the machine gun perk, the weapon has a very high ratio of damage dealt to energy consumed.


  • Omamori’s charge now restores only when fully depleted.
  • Charge volume increased from 300 to 400 pts.
  • The output of the current charge value is added to the icon
  • PS increased from 400 to 600.

Comment: In its current form, the module is too strong: it allows you to absorb a huge amount of damage without much effort on the part of the player. The change should make playing with it more dependent on the attention and skills of the player: now it will be important to keep track of the current charge and be more thoughtful about what parts to attach to the module.

Relic parts


  • Spread increase rate during the weapon’s rotation reduced by 43%.
  • Aiming speed after turning or firing from the weapon increased by 27%.

Comment: with these changes, we compensate for the lack of accuracy of the weapon on wheeled vehicles after reworking the effect of speed on firing accuracy.

RL-9 Helicon

  • Durability increased from 384 to 422 pts.
  • The maximum bonus of the perk is gained in 0.75 sec. (instead of 1 sec. earlier).

Comment: the changes will fix the problem with the lack of effectiveness of this new relic weapon.

All boosters

  • Acceleration efficiency increased by 15%.
  • Now the booster fuel supply is increased with the help of “Ammo pack” and “Expanded ammo pack”.
  • Standard fuel reserve of “B-1 Aviator” reduced from 60 to 50 pts.
  • Standard fuel reserve of “Blastoff” reduced from 80 to 65 pts.
  • Standard fuel reserve of “Hermes” reduced from 100 to 80 pts.

Comment: the increase in acceleration efficiency is intended to compensate for the fact that acceleration gradually decreases after reaching 120 km/h. With this change, you will also be able to use fewer boosters to achieve an effect comparable to the previous one.
Those players who didn’t have enough fuel in the boosters will be able to increase its amount with the help of ammo packs (at the cost of increased PS level and the risk of explosion). In order to balance this new feature, we are slightly reducing the standard fuel supply in boosters.



  • Changed weapon rotation rate bonus to 10% increase in weapon durability.
  • Self-destruct damage bonus increased from 5% to 30%.

Comment: BIllie’s rotation speed bonus was not very useful for weapons that worked well in conjunction with his talent. Instead, we give you a more versatile bonus that partially compensates for the talent’s negative effect.

The rest of the changes to co-drivers enhance their narrowly focused skills.


The passive skill “Isolated systems” now reduces the strength of slowing effects by 40% (instead of 20% before).


The passive skill “Signal jammer” now reduces the invisibility detection range by 20% (instead of 10% before).

How to get to the test server?

ATTENTION! The test server will be available from September 1, according to the schedule listed below!

If you have ever participated in testing features on a special server, then just start the Launcher from the folder with the test client and wait for the update to complete.

  • Create a new folder for the game on your hard drive.
  • Download the Launcher from this link. The file name should not contain numbers indicating that the file is a duplicate. Please note that you should launch the file that does not contain any digits (1), (2), etc. in its name. If, when starting the installed launcher, you are logged into the live game servers, you need to delete all downloaded launchers from the download folder and try again.
  • Start the Launcher and install the game into the folder you created (for example: D:\Public test\Crossout).
  • After the installation is complete, start the Launcher and log into the game with your username and password.
  • The progress of your main account will be transferred to the test server (including parts in storage and levels of reputation with factions).
  • After logging into the server, to transfer progress from your account, press the “Esc” key and select “Copy account data”.
  • Please note the schedule of the test server:
    • Friday, September 1, 2023 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT)
    • Saturday, September 2, 2023 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT)
    • Sunday, September 3, 2023 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT)
  • Any progress you make on the test server will not be transferred to the live game servers (INCLUDING ATTEMPTS TO BUY PACKS).

After testing the changes, we invite you to leave your constructive feedback on the planned changes in THIS THREAD (it will open a bit later after the launch of the test server).

The public test server is intended only for testing of the upcoming update, and may not accommodate all players without exception. However, absolutely anyone can join the server, as long as there are free spots.


Lots of great changes here.

Thank you!

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Oh my. Oh my.

Um. Most people play these in slots… rotation doesn’t do much.

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Lots of great changes in there, and nothing I want to complain about.

So glad they changed how the Yokozuna perk works. Looking forward to trying that cab again.


rotation might be a nerf to this weapon in some builds.

Now they might get spun around unless you lock them.

But who knows :slight_smile: we will see.

Two of my main PvP mission builds are still on Bigrams. I love this change.

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I don’t think I see a single change that I disagree with. Some might not go far enough, and not everything is addressed, but everything that is in there is in the right direction.

Agreed, but some people will never be happy :slight_smile:

I can see a bunch of builds I plan to make with these changes.

Nothung nerf, hah I knew it was coming, feels good to not have gone for these during the snow themed battlepass

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So what’s the point? It’s like a store that doubles their prices then advertises a 50% off sale. Don’t add the “new feature” and you won’t have to cut the standard amount of fuel in the booster. This is a pointless excerize. You want something better to do? Offer the flares in more colors, like yellow and orange, and add purple neon lightbars.

Wow, finally something I actually own, is getting buffed. This is a first for me. Please buff the Gravastar durability while you’re at it.

i always really wanted these,should get them b4 the price goes up. :crazy_face:

'and lets hope they 'Don’t do this to porcupine… :shushing_face:

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These are not balance changes.

They’re sales tactics.

I also hope they don’t do this to porc.
It would destroy them.

bit late there dontcha think chief?
this wouldve been a VERY welcome upgrade when adventure mode was required for completing weeklies, but now that it isnt its just a useless mode and with it… boosters become useless to. also reducing the fuel for them to, gee, aint that classy? :unamused:

if this means what i think it means then… goodbye icebox fortunes :rofl:

well that helps. more ammo for drones. though will it help much?

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Drones need way more then this.
But this item needed this fuse for awhile now.

so 25 x 0.56 = 14 + 25 = 39
so 39% more drones… i mean… thats maybe 1 extra drone?
but really though i dont see this working out. drones are by far the weakest weapon in crossout imo.
bots target them instantly and destroy them making them completely useless, they do pitifully low damage, fuzes take FOREVER and a millennia to get ready again, helicopter drones are weak and get destroyed fast, turret drones are tiny and have no health and are also easy stationary targets, anacondas are a big target and fire so slow you could have a 3 course dinner before they fire another rocket… literally any drone is useless.
if anything we need drones to be a bit better then what they are.
and no the cabin that gives increased damage for 7 seconds does not do these any favors. combined with the fact that your drones will be dead before you can even activate the ability and good luck getting your drones to survive for their full duration just to activate that ability near the end. drones need more love man.

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You have the narrowest point of view of anyone on this entire forum. And it shows every time you speak from your PoV, literally unable to theory craft possibilities or imagine anyone else’s position from their PoV.

YOU only used boosters for adventure, so this change to boosters only affects adventure mode.

Well, thanks for wrapping that up for us.

it may seem like that but really im looking at things from my own perspective mostly. yeah others can have ways of using them that i dont, i dont mean to come off as “its only effecting me”. the thing is i only got a set of boosters to use in adventure to get the missions done faster, i know people can use boosters in other modes like pvp, but honestly its been a very, VERY long time since i seen anyone use them. the last time i seen people use them was when they used them for tusk cabins to just mow though people like a battering ram.
is there other ways people use them?

None of these changes really do anything for the actual overall balance. DPS weaponry like miniguns, machineguns and shotguns are still way too efficient compared to anything else. Even today I spend an hour playing in the 9000PS while the matches were being dominated by a team of two hovers players, one with 4 equalizers or arbiters and another with destructors basically insta-deleting builds. There was the usual cheese all around but moat of the times the hovers got placed with the cheese and it could just have been an automatic game over at the start.

Sometimes we did win, but only if by chance a few Miller bricks ended up on our side or something similar. If they were on the team with the hovers, matches were lost even faster. Now add to that the balance of bots that they just want to force into every match, some of them suck and some of them are OP. Like for example two bots, one with triggers or destructors and another with 1 Athena.

Now take a team with minigun hover + 1 destructor hover working in tandem, 2 miller bricks powerhousing through everything and tossing teammates left and right and the laser bot + Athena bot moving in perfect harmony, good luck on having any kind of a chance. Especially if your team gets things like a cannon bot driving against the wall and another being one of the hover bots that can’t fire it’s weapons 90% of the time, and non-meta builds or that one player spamming callouts all match and driving around with fuze drones, ending up as the last player alive and then spending 2 minutes running around and wasting time for everyone. Even with 2 players with double nidghogs and aegis shields trying to cheese it, there is no chance.

It’s all just a big mess and an absolute joke