Planned balance changes

Im curious to see what works with the cab after the change . Should be an experimentation period at least.


This is my favorite times

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they butchered the spider, the real value of that cabin is gone. (mass and tonnage)
I can tell you this much.
you can put the spider cab or any other cab in any build and you will not notice any difference.
will be as versatile as FAV is.
I don’t use FAV cabin for a while now and i’m using SGs all the time, in fact i use every other cabin that i have with SGs but the FAV for two reasons
1 - i don’t notice any difference whatsoever.
2 - mass limit and tonnage concessions i have to make.
Spider will go the same way now.
Spider could have any perk they wanted (i don’t care) as long the mass and tonnage remained the same but they had to fuck it up real good.
I was planning to rebuild my 10 k build with it, but now there’s no reason to.

regarding legs we will see.
they could buff them to reach 60 kph at least.
But since they decreased the melee resistance and if the still have lack of pushing power .
we will see…

If I remember correctly, you don’t actually have a Steppe cabin, so I’m puzzled why you are so hung up on the change.
As others have pointed out, the useable mass limit wasn’t actually that great, and the perk only helped legs. If you are looking for a medium cab that can carry a lot of armour, there are other options.

Once you start getting up into epic territory, using cabin perks is important. Why not just shift your plans towards other heavy/medium cabs that would help your weapons or durability more?


About omamori module;

Cooldown to the capacity recovery increased from 3 to 4 sec.        ok for that
Capacity restoration rate reduced from 60 to 50 durability per sec.     ok for that
Absorption capacity reduced from 360 to 300 pts.   NOT OK;

I think you can nerf “Cooldown to the capacity recovery” and “Capacity restoration rate”, it’s a good choice, we need to avoid damage for a longer time , but nerf the “Absorption capacity” to 300 is too much and not needed,

Omamori modules, like averter, is a small hardware that impose to you to “condense” your essential weapons/hardware on it, so it’s very inefficient when you takes explosive damage,

You see this as “amount” (“wow it’s so big +300 potential hp for anything attached to it”) but in reality:

  1. Nodes are SHARED between parts, often it’s attached to cabin and one or two weapon, as a result, in one hit of quasar/canon, 360 are about already consumed,
  2. Omamori absorption takes HALF of damage, so on a double ZS-Hulk canon ont it, averter has approximately already same efficiency than omamori!

I take fun with my new vehicle, tusk with 4x kapkan and tusk cabin, ammo box, all of this are connected to omamori nodes, despite 360 HP absorption seems to be a lot, often, I take one hit of double Quasar or ZS-Hulk, I see immediately the 360 HP consumed…

The “cooldown recovery” and “capacity restoration rate” is a good choice to nerf, not the “absorption capacity”

I’m disappointed, you launch good things, then you nerf it until it become “average” we need strong hardware like this, with bigger penalties

Then you need to build in a way that it is not connected to so many parts.

This is not an issue with the item, this is the builders choice to have it also connected to the cabin.

And weapons should also still be mounted on shoot through pieces on top of the module.

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I just want to echo the question JBRider asked at the start of his video on this announcement.
“Crossout Developers, do you even play your own game?”

I’m almost in my mass building phase. (a week or two at the most) a spider cab was in the program this time.
the other options i know it’s a photon cabin (which has a mediocre tonnage) i have it and is because of this build that i’m thinking unlocking a second co-driver, Yuki.
the other it’s the ghost which i don’t have.
the form factor of Photon didn’t allowed me to use it in my 10 k build.
the Ghost it will be easier but i think the spider would be perfect .
I’m already starting at legendary territory.
I like very much Machinist, plenty of upsides and downsides, the cab alone weighs 5 tons , the all build weighs around 20 tons and i have room to grow even more (slightly more than 28 tons ).
but it’s not the weight that prevents me to go further but the PS.
despite having others heavy cabins planned.
I feel the Spider would do wonders in my medium builds due to superior mass limitations and tonnage
Fav cab was maxed out at 12.5 tons with master jack now it’s less 11.815 tons and 5.2 tonnage
Spider used to offer 17 tons stock and 7 tons of tonnage
even being much heavier than the fav it would be enough to revert the weight concessions i had to made and mount a radar

Looked through this patch having not played for months hoping for some kind of balance change that would entice me to come back. Instead it’s just one more of the things I either purchased or worked my ass off to get being made obsolete on purpose to try and get people to buy the new hotness. This intentional power creep due to greed is a self fulfilling prophecy you know, because you lose all your players that aren’t whales and then you’re forced to keep power creeping to make money because now your playerbase is only a small amount of whales and will never be more than that because nobody else will play your game because of all the power creep.

I’d like to think it isn’t too late to reverse course but I feel so taken advantage of by this game that I don’t think I’d ever pay you another dime even if you did get me to return by balancing the game properly.

You’re right for this, its’s a choice
Anyway, 300 durability absorption still far better than Averter, so no problem, still fair I guess

I’m finally more worried about aegis, 600 durability is low… against dusk/pyre build, one salve is enough to drain 1000 durability of aegis shield (and I take damage of pyre!)

I don’t know how many-% explosive damage resistance aegis have, but we’ll see in game soon

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I can’t say I’m happy on that on the durability of the shield change either as I’ve been plotting to use one for a while. Though the dev’s comments on it kind of amuses me a little as if it’s lack of popularity was just do to the higher energy drain alone.

Aegis shield take x2 damage from explosive damage,
Especially against x2 retcher, one shot from them should be enough to break the shield instantly

It is really a buff?
Need to be at least 800 durability

Also, aegis is not that popular, because there is so many weapons that can counter it: Yongwang, porcupine, fortunes, etc…shield is totally useless, furthermore it’s really frustrating to do such small-compact vehicle to be protected by the shield, can’t do any space amored

Daze seems far better, especially in team fight, so useful

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NO they should not. Most idiotic thing you have ever said here, by a landslide.

Every elbow/ gun mount save maybe one should always be used as armor

^I think anyone who’s not arguing in bad faith and trying to stir up some shitty internet drama understood it as “don’t weld it to your Omamori and nothing else, it still needs to be properly welded to your car”, but whatever. I’m pretty sure Monkey isn’t telling you to weld your fused Mastodons on 380 effective dura gun mounts lmao. He didn’t even say elbow/gun mounts, probably because in many cases using a tiny buggy grille is better, simply because they’re smaller and harder to hit.


:slight_smile: yeah, thank you. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to give a proper building class in the middle of this post :slight_smile:



I can understand how they got to 600 durability roughly cutting it by a 1/3. I think it’s a little low myself but I don’t have a good number for it really. I can’t really find myself thinking of it as a buff though which is why I find what they stated amusing. I always thought size of the field bubble was probably one of the larger issues. I like building small but for somethings that just doesn’t work. I think the perception of giving up a weapon for it also hurts it a bit too. I don’t think they’ve really thought out of the box on how to fix any of it’s issues though too.

I’d probably would have changed it first getting rid of the abusive cycle feature that’s what drove many of it’s initial nerfs. Just make them all trigger at once all the time. There are really two ways to deal with multiples after that leave them as individual bubbles or treat the extras like field boosters giving a percentage increase in bubble size on using the first one placed as the emitter and boosting field durability similarly via a percentage. The second one kind of works on the size issue but not to an abuse-able amount. Like if it was variable size based on the build size people would be quick to leave pockets for people to hide in.

One of the other things I’ve thought about is a mode switch for it right now it’s an omnidirectional emitter what if there was a way to boost the emitter directionally like on the nova cab to give it boosted durability but at a cost of coverage angles. A user could then switch between them on the fly. If were cutting the emitter span in half or more then the durability of the projection that is remaining should be able to go up quite a bit.

I like the Daze and I would agree it seems better for team fighting, I really don’t love that it turns explosive though.

1100kg, 900, and now 700kg!!!
This means that constructions with 8 icarus VII, therefore not really “too handy” will lose 1.6 tons of portage…
Only the cabin and weapons will remain!
Dear Devs, i therefore suggest that you reduce the tonnage to 280 kg. in this way the Icarus VII will only carry itself …

About the nerf of the Piercers…
These have already been nerfed recently and their durability has been significantly reduced.
They are therefore fragile weapons.
If you further reduce their effectiveness, you will have to put them in the category of blue weapons with a PS of 390 not 570 like now.

In my opinion, you’d better fight effectively against the increasing number of players who use cheats and/or macros rather than mess up your “balance” in a dubious way…

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Caucasus is weapon that not good for the game. it’s annoying when u play against it. and when u know that other guy auto aim make it more annoying. my opinion it should be reworked or removed from the game.

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but tell my. what u want? fly above everyone, ignore terrain, flay above opponents. speed so u can dodge and run away easy . u want lot of Kg so u can have have armour like heavy tanks and have cannons ? and on top u want handling to be perfect and easy. and all that without downsides,
and other must have fun play against u.
Sound selfish to me.

yes piercers need nerf because its to strong. and 7% less dmg dot make them useless.


I’m late for the discussion. but… just a small observation
I tried buggy grilles in my heavy build, they fall off easily , resulting in me losing some of my gremlins with some regularity, then i changed them to buggy floors and i wasn’t losing my gremlins, apart from some sporadic episode here and there.
much better