Planned changes to clans and weekly challenges

Planned changes to clans and weekly challenges

Hello, survivors!

Today we’d like to talk to you about clans. They are an integral part of Crossout, and the current clan battles concentrate a real competitiveness. It’s where experienced players test their strengths and see who’s worthy of being called the best of the best.

Over time, the average clan battles participant became stronger and stronger. At this point, it has become extremely difficult to play this mode effectively without a very powerful vehicle blueprint (or even several blueprints!). Not everyone can reach such a level, which is why many players are actually deprived of the opportunity to participate in this important activity.

At the moment we are working on refining the clans, which will help improve this situation. We can’t share all the details yet, but we can share with you a few things right now!

Band and clan

First, it will become much easier to take the first step on your clan path. A clan in its current form will be the second level of development for your community, and the first will be a band.

A band can consist of up to 4 players, it can be created for only 200 units of scrap metal, and if necessary, can be expanded into a full-fledged clan. All the clans that exist at the moment will remain as they are — that is, alliances of 20 players.

By the way, the recruitment of new fighters will now become easier, because it will be possible to make a band or clan “open”. In this case, any player will be able to join the association in a couple of clicks, without waiting for the leaders to accept the application.

Clan skirmish

So, the band is formed. What can you do now? For example, you can take part in “Clan skirmish”, a new mode in which the battle rules are identical to its “big brother”. The same two teams, the same choice of several cars, the same game until two victories.

According to our idea, this mode will allow players who are not familiar with the nuances of clan battles to learn the basics, develop their strategies and prepare for more serious battles. Veterans will be able to help them with this without any risks of losing their competitive rating. The mode will be available for both clans and bands. We plan that the mode will have a limit on the minimum and maximum vehicle Power score.

Clan challenges

According to the statistics, there are currently very few players who actively complete weekly challenges. We decided to reconsider this system and give the option of performing them together, where players would mutually help each other. According to our idea, weekly challenges will turn into a clan activity — that is, the entire clan (or a band) will have a single list of challenges, and each member will be able to contribute to their completion.

This means that each member of the clan will be able to do what they like more. Don’t want to play raids? Not a problem, you can always ask a friend to help with it. Or, on the contrary, you don’t feel like going to PvP? Feel free to go to PvE — the members of your clan will take care of the missions!

The completion of these challenges will still be rewarded with the Engineer badges — all active clan members will receive them for each completed stage. We should note that the maximum amount of Badges received by each player will not change or will increase relative to the current amount.

This is not all the details of the planned improvements, but only the most basic points that will give you an idea of the planned changes. We will definitely share more information with you in the future.

See you soon!

Now they need to make Levi Wars it’s own leaderboard and we would have something good.


So it’s a clan battle but without ore rewards?..

Genius :crazy_face:

That one is fine.

When they say, “you can always ask a friend to help with it,” does that actually mean, “you can always ask a friend to do it for you?”

According to the statistics, there are currently very few players who actively complete weekly challenges.

I feel like this has to do with the rotating worthlessness of certain weapon types, or “game balance.” For example: I’m not great with Cannons, but used to have fun with them anyway, then they nerfed the hell out of rotation speed, and buffed the speed of Hovers ultra hard. I just ditched cannons and haven’t looked back, even though they are probably in a better spot today.

Point is; IDGAF about challenges anymore, because I am sick of chasing the nerf/buff trends. Today it’s one dominant weapon type, then they nerf your schit, and it’s some other crap, so certain challenges become harder to complete, and franky, I just don’t need more chores in my life, nor do I need another area of my life filled with commands and ordinances.

I presume players get paid more according to their Competitive Rating? Otherwise, if this is just about having your name in lights, I couldn’t care less.

I read this entire update as: Not enough exploits and BS in your game? Well, we’re here to fix that, and make sure everybody is flying around with the latest META, chasing our nerf and buff cycle in order to exploit and undermine the monetary systems of this game.

My hope is that I will still be able to ignore this feature of the game, but instead it sounds like they are trying to make it more relevant.

Wasn’t it just the other day that I predicted they would be revamping CW?
I like the idea of bands, and it sounds similar to the mercenary concept I proposed a while ago.
Not sure what I think about the new approach to challenges though, but depends on the details.

Glad they’re trying to fix this mode though, and that they recognize there’s a real barrier to entry for newer players that haven’t already made their fortune playing CW.


Seems like a change in favour of players going to play cw, for me I just want more new ways to play, I don’t care about some of the rewards,but it’s a good change

Wonderful ,
so if reward is not uranium :
1 ppl won t care
2 if it s an uncapped ressource it could crash the market

If reward is uranium
top clans will assemble bands and farm noobs to cap ( i totally intend to do that) then proceed back to normal CW
market will crash because of overabundance of ressources

About shared badges for clans
what will prevent ppl from creating a clan with 19 smurf accounts , farm for 1 year and sell those accounts?
whiiich will also crash the market…

i see no positive outcome, though i agree some changes were necessary


I’m glad that they’re giving CW more attention. I’m not sure what to think about the details. I’ll just have to wait and see.

That would probably be the easiest solution for Levi CW.

I would personally like to see a major overhaul to Leviathans. I like the idea of them, but I don’t like the implementation.


Being that I rarely play more than two or three times a week, so CWs are pretty much a no-go for me simply due to scheduling, does this mean challenges get more difficult for solo players like myself?

I did none of the challenges last week simply because they now take much longer to do thanks to the OP bots.
I don’t plan on doing them this week, either.

Looks like this game is getting less & less friendly to solo players. :man_shrugging:

Hope I’m wrong.

I could be wrong, but it kind of sounds like a solo player could still do the challenges, but if you are part of a clan you wouldn’t have to do many to finish them, as long as your teammates are doing some too.
So it could actually make the grind easier, if you get in a clan whose purpose is more about the challenges than doing CW.
At least I hope that’s how they do it. Technically I am in a clan, but we are not active, and I don’t even know if many members still even play.


Same… except, I started a clan a long time ago so I’d stop getting invited… and so I could have “PO0P” in front of my name. :poop: :rofl:

I think this would help alot of newer players, or players who don’t have the great stuff, who want to do clan wars, but can’t compete with the veteran players. Very few people in the clan I’m in have any relics at all, and we always fought against other clan teams who had an average 4K PS advantage over us, hence our rating is ZERO.

I remember the excitement when we played our first clan Levi battle; we used mine, which had a 27K PS…and then I saw the other team’s Levi, which had a 39K PS. Guess who didn’t win…


I hope newer players like playing VS full fused 4 man death squads.

I do not see this as a new player friendly mode.

Sure it will be easier for a new guy to get the gear needed, but your still going to need serious gear/builds.

Whatever PS range they pick will take about a week or two and the META will be figured out and you will have copies of the exact same builds in all the matches.


i said in the old forum we should have clan points earned for challenges ect.and a warehouse (which you need points to unlock) were clan members could place the weps and movement parts for clan members to use that we are not using.

stuff like that would be useful and cool…


Sounds more like an MMORPG.

I’m all for it, but I don’t see them ever letting people share items.

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I am spending about the same time playing crossout.

The friend to join ClanWars sound like an opening for:
1 solo player can take part in CW with a friendly clan
2 Clan needed extra players may still take part in CW

As for rewards, nothing has said CW won’t reward winners with ores!! Is this an openning for non clan players can play to win ores too?

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:crazy_face: that’s what this is. :thinking: what? you didn’t know that? :roll_eyes:

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MASSIVELY multiplayer…

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It’s whatever the Monkey says it is. Got it?

Stop arguing and bring him some grapes.

You’re not wrong, but we already play against those builds in PVP, and I think we would all expect to see that in this new mode.
Nevertheless, it’s not nearly as hard to have a fully fused mid PS build, compared to a fused high PS build.