Planned changes to clans, part II

Hello again, survivors!

Not so long ago we published an article where we described our plans to improve the system of clans and weekly challenges. It’s time for part two, where we will share more details!

As you remember, we plan to introduce into the game the concept of a band — the initial form of clans, available to almost anyone, which can consist of up to 4 players. There will also be a new game mode titled “Clan skirmish”, which will be very similar to “Clan battles”, but with a vehicle power score limit. Weekly challenges will be transformed into clan activities, allowing you to complete them together.

We should note that all information, including the terms used in this article, is preliminary and may change by the time the improvements are released to the main servers. In addition, for the clarity of wording, we will refer to both clans and bands as “clans”, but everything described applies to both clans and bands.

Seasons and “Skirmish”

We plan to launch a season system similar to the one currently used in “Clan battles”. As the season progresses, each clan will accumulate a “fame rating”, thereby moving up through the leagues of the leaderboard. These are separate entities that have nothing to do with the existing clan rating.

The total fame rating of a clan is the sum of the fame rating of all clan members. Players earn it for useful actions (for example, destroying the enemy) in PvP missions, as well as in the “Clan Skirmish” and “Clan battles” modes.

This means that even those clan members who take part in standard PvP help the clan to progress. However, we note that taking part in the “Clan skirmish” and “Clan battles” modes adds more fame rating — at the moment, 10 times more.

The contribution of each player to the seasonal rating of the clan is calculated based on their five best battles of the season. This way, committed players will have an incentive to constantly improve and achieve better and better results, but those who don’t play as actively will also be able to bring considerable benefit to the clan.

A clan’s fame rating cannot drop during a season. On the contrary, it naturally grows all the time due to the fact that clan members simply play the game. Once a week, at the end of the season, the rating is completely reset. Accordingly, all clans move to the starting league at this moment.

Important facts about the “Clan skirmish” mode:

  • You can participate in the mode as a group or alone — for this you only need to be a member of a clan or band. In this case, you will enter a battle with random players, and at the end of the battle, each player will bring points to their clans
  • The planned maximum vehicle Power Score level for the mode is 9000
  • The mode will be available according to a schedule, but the exact time is not determined yet

Clan challenges

The higher the clan advances through the leagues during the season, the more challenges are available to it. It’s worth noting that the progress of these challenges is counted even before you reach the league these challenges are attached to. If the clan has already fulfilled all the conditions of the challenge, the reward for it will be received immediately upon reaching this league.

Rewards for these challenges will be received by all clan players who have scored the required amount of “activity points” — a new entity that displays the contribution of a clan member to the overall result.

Activity points are earned by dealing damage in any game mode, including raids. This way, active players will be rewarded even for those challenges in which they didn’t directly participate. But this doesn’t mean that the reward is not deserved: after all, their activity has increased the fame rating of the clan, thus bringing it closer to receiving said reward!

We remind you that the Engineer badges will remain as a reward for these challenges and the maximum number of badges received per player will either remain the same or increase compared to the current values.

Other important improvements

The roles within clans have undergone some changes as well, now there are four of them: leader, officer, veteran and fighter. The first two haven’t been changed substantially, but the third and fourth should be described additionally. Let’s take a closer look.

By default, when joining a clan, a player becomes a fighter. This allows them to contribute to the completion of clan challenges, receive rewards for them, earn activity points and fame rating, as well as participate in the “Clan skirmish” mode. After the clan leader or officer promotes the player to a veteran, they get the opportunity to fight in “Clan battles” as well.

This change will allow clans to monitor the participation of their players in “Clan battles” more flexibly, as well as prevent potential cases of sabotage. In addition, new opportunities will open up for clans, such as recruiting less experienced players and practicing team strategies in the “Skirmish” mode before moving on to more serious battles. Or, for example, having a certain number of players who don’t participate in “Clan battles” at all, but contribute to increasing the clan’s fame rating and completing challenges.

For those players who want more privacy, we plan to add the ability to turn off the display of the clan tag in front of their nickname. This setting will be individual for each player and will not affect the clan as a whole.

We also note that, unlike a clan, bands will not have a name and tag, and their members will not have a corresponding prefix before their nickname.

We should also mention one more important point: the improvements planned at the moment will not affect the existing “Clan battles” rating system, as well as the reward in the form of uranium ore. Later in the future, there might be changes to these aspects as well.

For now, that’s all we can share — and you have the opportunity to express your opinion about these changes. We will appreciate your feedback very much!

See you soon!

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I wonder if we can be a member of both a clan and a band?
Regardless, I’m excited about these changes. Might finally get me to become a little more social in-game.


Based on what they said, yes

I belive this are good changes. At least more games modes without bots :slight_smile: 4 vs 4 is cool. People will use some tactic, not just press W or S.


I don’t know much about the relationship between the band and the clan, can you explain?

my “based on” refer to that Skirmich could have both Clans / Bands members mixed in it, so it sound like there is no technical issue to be in both of them.

Second thing is that Bands will not have TAGS so its also not conflicting here.

Also Bands will not even have a name.

Also Bands while having 4 members, sounds like some temporary group more alike(4 players require everyone online)

Also as i see Clan challenges do not conflict with Bands, because its only for Clans right?

And since there are no technical issues, then IMO no sense in blocking that possibility for players.


bands will be the new low level version of clans, and can work their way up into being a clan. I think. Basically sounds like groups of friends that play together a lot, but are not part of the same clan, can now fight together to earn points. i think.

Awesome, they made it like I have been asking for.

It is 9k Arena!

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All I’m reading is, solo q ranked capped at 9k PS

I like it (^:


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I’m going to play a lot of this 9kPS mode.
I’m very curious what the meta builds will turn out to be. Might even convince me to start fusing some more things, and do a bit of min/max building for a change.
The low barrier to entry should make this mode a nice test of skills, where people with big wallets or lots of CW winnings won’t necessarily have the advantage

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Last time we did this, the clear 9k PS winners were goblin legs favorite facehgger, and good ol’ 3k dura Whirl/Tempest bricks. It was really W intensive (^:

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9k triple destructors were the top of the foodchain, cleb. Goblins were good too, but whirl tempest builds were and will continue to be garbonzo beans.

I do love my Whirls but I like them agile.

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Same, I play the ultimate banana with them. Gets annoying around teammates, but hilarious to lift an enemy and drive away at high speed with him on my hood :joy:

8999 PS, triple Dest? ^_- I don’t remember a single one tbh

Not saying it sucks or anything, but I suspect it’s kinda hard to fit everything a Dest needs at this PS. Like, Photon + 3 Dests = 6700 PS already, no wheels, no frames, no nothing.

It is hilarious. But I play oldschool: drift around (Omni) the enemy group and destroy it. Catalina and triple Whirls do wonders in terms of damage.

Nah dude there’s tonnes of triple destructors builds at 8999

Here’sa bunch, yes some have has PS adjustments since then, you can see the single build below which is in trending currently… they have PS to fit a gen and KA2 so they could very easily add a cloak in there or something if they want to…

Diagonal shield destructor builds became the meta on Playstation after i invented it. 270° of firing angles, able to shoot all 3 guns at all points of the compass. The top player on Playstation stole my design and pawned it off as his own concoction. Yet his wasnt nearly as good as mine. His shields were flimsy 120 hp 8x4s, mine were 2 durable bumpers. Using them was a dance of skill and timing. Turn just so to absorb fire and pivot back to return fire. Like swordplay using a buckler shield to parry.

I always appreciate your humility. :slight_smile:


Seems to be a lot of humble players in the forum now. :wink: