Plasma cannon damage data

The damage data shown is even the same,so the developers are pretending to be unaware of the lack of ability brought about by the lack of damage to the pulsar, right?

Those bars cannot be relied on. Rumour is they can be used ONLY to compare weapons within the same type and rarity.


The developers redesigned them in a recent update and most are now logical

Someone pointed this out to me a long time ago, and testing it proves them right.

Those bars & numbers often don’t mean a thing… Take the weapons out in a test drive & shoot one of the test rigs like the bus. Do it several times for each. Then, you’ll know what each weapon is capable of.

Does Ammo Pack Increase Ammo on Quasars ? or Did I Saw Completely Idiot Right Now :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Quasar and pulsar require regular ammo packs, yes.