Plasma emitters

Hello i have a question about plasme emiters.
I’m considering Synthesis and Prometeus V, when i test them one Synthesis deals 90 dmg on “shot”(or volley or how to call that) while prometheus with it’s “passive buff” deals 99 on “shot” so there is a question:
Is there any sense to buy Prometheus V that is 3 times more expensive deals almost same dmg and has 10 durability more? Because i’m feeling like it doesnt make any sense also prometheus increse power score more so i meet stronger enemies having nearly the same weapon parameters.

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look at the perks of the weapons. synthesis doesnt do much damage and can be used in low powerscore matches. they are smaller then Prometheus though and dont have as big of a hit box.

Prometheus however has a slightly bigger hitbox and need to be spaced further apart so the weapon doesnt clip into or catch something to prevent it from turning. however the perk on the weapon powers up each shot. if you can land your hits then the weapon is very effective.

i have used Prometheus’ in raids before and they served me very well. just slap 4 of them on a vehicle with plenty of space between them and your good. you dont need any reloaders or anything, no coolers or radiators. you CAN use the booster for them but honestly it isnt worth it. it doubles the speed at which they fire or it can give them increased range but i think this is a hinderance. i find that the 4 of them do just as good of a job as 3 with a booster.

if you fuse them for reload speed they work pretty good to. i had 4 of them and fused them. now i got 2 with reload speed. i still eed to get my other two back but im happy with the fusions.

now if we are talking Helios, the legendary version and a step up from Prometheus then those can be devastating. if you land all your shots with them they deal damage directly to the cabin. these ones are a bit frail but can really do serious damage.

id say experiment around with them. take both into raids separately and see which one fits your style more. you may like one over the other.

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I would rather play lower PS Synthesis or jump to Helios.

You should have used Quantum to test the synthesis damage,it should only do 75 damage

It’s a small thing to consider, but worth considering…
The visual effects of the projectiles of the synthesis are far less “LOOK AT ME” than the other two. When you fire the helios or prometheus, you’re visible from across the map. They come with a lightshow that is only rivaled by the Gravastar. They’ll make you a target.

I mean, the synthesis will too, but much less so.

I’d go for the Synthesis, then jump to the helios at a later date if you like it.

Personally, I found these weapons to be very meh… only owned the bottom two, though. I have neither, now. Considering I almost never sell anything, that should tell you how impressed I was.

synthesis hit hard af with quantum and hertz

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I feel like there has been a cab/perk oversight, since a full volley of Synths was hitting for 75 last tie I checked… Which is kinda wimpy for what it is. Proms on the other hand are really, really strong.

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i find the Prometheus to be quite usable in medium raids. ive used them many times and they are quite good. i want to get a set of 4 Helios sometime.

3 and a power unit?

the only time id find the power unit useful on 3 helios is if they have the fusion for charge time up on them.
aside from that i just dont see the power unit being more useful then 4 helios. because your sacrificing 1 helios for just a 26% charge time increase which isnt much.
idk it may be better then i think it is but id rather just have the extra gun. thats just how i think.

All fused

3 Helios = 12 energy
1 power unit = 2 energy
1 aegis prime = 2 energy
Purple Radar

Then I might go beholder for stealth


Maybe nova for a second sheild - if I go Nova I would change the shield to Barrier X instead of aegis

And Hovers of course

I need to get myself an aegis again. I can’t remember why I sold mine, but I regret it. Hopefully I made some decent profit, but knowing myself, I probably just broke even because I was too impatient to complete a weapon set.


I don’t know how a power unit does with plasma emitters, but the Aurora and three Arbiters is better than a full set of arbiters. At least, it was when I tested it way back when. Someone should take and test it out in the test drive to see what works best.

Sometimes a play style is more powerful then the damage meter.

4 Helios “might” produce a little more Damage then 3 and a power unit… but with an aegis the guns will stay on longer which also translates into higher damage.

It’s a playstyle preference

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True true.