*play this Event/brawl if you like your weps far beyond OP 🥰

fun fun…and i’m just using my maces :crazy_face:
my first match…

Sudden death sucks, it just amplifies all the cheap bulls*** that people “enjoy” in regular missions

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Miniguns & aurora… strip weapons & let em live.

Seal clubbers love it.

Nothungs for the win.

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I played a few matches after work… the winners were never the big dogs. Look at the screeshot… specifically the other team. LOL Mr. 16465 was 4th.

I’m thinking any weapon good at stripping weapons is going to be good. I saw a lot of scorpions. That’s a bad idea. If you miss the cab on my zippy little booger, you’re without weapons. My last match had me dragging around with two omnis & an aurora & I was still wrecking folks. That was mostly because there were a couple of scorp layers who kept missing my jiggly bits.

I’m guessing this brawl isn’t returning in its current form… Played a few matches & the losing team dips out very fast every match. It’s all about weapon stripping or movement part stripping. If you strip their wheels, & they still have a weapon, they can’t self destruct. :rofl: