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If I play for 30 minutes in a day, does that make me a noob or a pro

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The more you play the better you get.
30 minutes a day would be 3.5 hours a week, 14 hours a month, 168 hours a year.
Over the years it will add up and you will learn how the game works, no matter how bad you are practice makes perfect.

i have 10,000 hours in game lol i like making lame jokes when i jump on most days so i thought id do a post on here

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You can practice anything 40 years and still suck if you practice the wrong way tho.

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if you practice for 40 years and do worse compared to others and think not to change your technique then its a case of terminal skill issue

Some people never question themselves throughout their whole lives :p. Trying to become better at music by throwing my habits out the window, but relearning how to learn at 30+yo is HARD >.>

Anyway, to go back to the topic of video games, the most progress I ever made was when I was seriously practicing rather than playing. You can very much put 8k hours into XO and never practice/get better once IMO. Just look at how many prestige 200+ players seem to have no minimap :joy:


their to busy buying premium to make it seem like they have tons of hours in game :joy: :joy: :joy:

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How do you know how many hours you played?
I don’t have the slightest clue on how many hours i have in whatever game.

I think the Steam players have access to a count of how many hours they played a certain game.

i play on xbox so i compare with other players, ill even show you guys

One area I feel that takes another Crossout player to the next level is looking frequently at your mini-map.

Position yourself so you are not easily picked off by other pvp folks.

Using terrain or knowing maps to your advantage.

Have a player database in your memory of good players you respect for their skill. Emulate good habits and create your unique style of play.

Avoid focusing on one foe to the point where you follow them into a trap or ambush. (I know hover players use this a lot due to their ability to maneuver.)

Know the pros and cons of your build.



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ya good luck if ur on console ull be getting kissed by other men cuz they love man on man action lol

Good advice.
But i think youll get Strabismus if you keep one eye on the game and the other on the minimap.
Also a key point to team survival is, stay with the blue guys.

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nice advice. however my better advice is to have a draco brick, so that you can play god and follow people into as many ambushes as you want