Play times

Hello Gaijin,
I give it a try once again:
The Clanwar play times are not good for everyone, I’d like to ask you to put it to the same schedule like Confrontation times or between the Confrontation play times? So everyone can take part of the CW because it would be every day available. If you think we earn to much Ura, put the max cap. or price of Ura lower then.
And please make the CWs like the old days, where you didn’t see the enemies before the beginning of the rounds. This CW today has no surprise moment anymore.
And it would be also nice to ban Doppler out of CW, in fact everyone in that game is playing with wallhack bec of Doppler.

Thanks for thinking of that suggestions.



I quit CW a long time ago. It’s not worth my time.

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