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My husband (Caution_exe-) and I (x_DivineOwl_x) have been playing crossout together for 3 years now. He played for a few years before I started playing. We both love this game. We enjoy just about every part of it, but I do have some pretty severe complaints to make.

First, idk why but for some reason it won’t let me use the last open space in my exhibition. It says I don’t have the room, that I can only post 13 blueprints and to make space first, but I only have 12 blueprints posted.

Secondly, there are many things changing in Crossout that I am very excited about and some that I am pretty upset with. I enjoy all the battle passes and season passes that are posted. The content is good and I really enjoy being able to craft upgraded Legendary parts. The down side to that is that I’m having to sell a lot of my storage to be able to even have the coin the get the parts to craft these upgraded weapons. Which in the long run is cheaper than buying 3 of the same weapon and upgrading it myself and wasting a bunch of coin when I might not even get the upgrade I want. The upgrade events are very helpful with this as it only takes 2 instead of 3 to upgrade a part.

The major downside to all of this is that I have sold most everything I’m willing to sell to get the coin to make this happen. Now I have a storage filling with upgraded parts I have paid real money for that I can’t sell to the market to get that coin back to buy a different set of weapons if that’s what I wanted to do. On top of that I have spent hundreds upon thousands of dollars on this game in packs, battle passes, seasonal passes, and more to be able to get the items I want.

What feels like a real slap in the face is the market has completely broke. Many of the items in my storage I paid much, much more to buy than it is worth now on the market. The cost of badges for parts in the badge exchange just dropped by half shortly after I completed buying all of them. I pay for the subscription, I buy from the customization shop and I have bought many packs over the years. It’s frustrating to put so much time into building my account up for it to be changed and I am losing out on so much coin and parts. I don’t feel very appreciated as a gamer/customer that really enjoys this game. I have put way more value into Crossout than Crossout has given me and weighing how much money I have put into this game I feel taken advantage of.

It’s extremely disappointing to see the lack of thought for your long time players/customers and how you are currently treating us. It’s absolutely absurd.

I definitely do not feel compensated for the changes that have recently been made and I feel I and my husband and many other long time Crossout players deserve a little more compensation for our time and money that has been poured into this game.

Thank you for your time on these matters. I am willing to speak with someone further regarding these issues. I do feel my husband and I deserve a large compensation for our laments in this game. I would hate to see this game die because it has become too power/money hungry.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas,



Hi Owl,

To make money in the modern market, you either need to play the margins, that is, the Rough Monkey approach, or you need to invest in things that are cheap and that players don’t have blueprints for. That is, the standard approach.

Playing the market means buying a blue part for cheap and either crafting an expensive teal and selling that, or reselling it for more than 10 percent of what you bought it for.

For investing in things that are cheap, It is best to check packs to see what is on sale to do this. Don’t invest heavily in any one thing.
These parts are:

Omamori, Pegasus, Thor, Starfall, Stillwind, Hippogriff


Summator (Some people have blueprint)

For teals, I run a dozen of each policy, and I run a two of each policy for purples and for legendaries.

Last mini pass, I crafted the two Thors, but traded them for fused Retchers instead of observing my policy. If I would have not traded them, I could have crafted an Odin for cheap, assuming a de fusion event is in the near future.

If you see anything on the list for cheap, buy it but don’t go wild with most of the value of your account.

It’s a company. They do not care about you at all. They care about your wallet. Do not mistake any company for having “feelings”. None of them do, they simply present “Give me your money” in different ways.

That being said,

I agree 99%. You have expressed how I feel also (5+ year player).

I’d like to point out that upgraded parts don’t take up storage… Just something for the notes.

Wrong. They take up spaces. 728/750. Cabins, weapons, modules and tires all fused. (missing 1 cabin, a few weapons) all movement parts and all modules fused.

look on the specs most of them don’t,

Edit: there is a note on which ones do and don’t… I might be lower ranking but post 5 years some of those notifications stand out. You just have to look for them when managing your stuff.

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I have nearly max inventory (50 spaces short). Most things take space when fused. Very very few don’t, not enough to even consider. If fused parts didn’t take up space (even say half of them) I would not be over 725 parts.

That’s funny as a lot of mine doesn’t… I always saw that as a big reason to fuse stuff.

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Yeah, I think they changed it at some point. I kinda remember not being able to que because of full inventory when logging in after a patch (a couple years ago). When I was ~500 parts.

I remember that too but don’t remember them changing it.